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Climbing exists to inspire people to climb, to seek new challenges, and to learn about the great diversity of mountain sports. We strive to be thoughtful, inclusive, and unswervingly authentic. We look out for the long-term vitality of our sport and our community by providing leadership, inspiration, and information concerning all aspects of the climbing experience, from bouldering to rock climbing to alpine mountaineering.

Leaders of the Vertical World
For 40 years, Climbing has been the leading source of information about climbing and mountaineering, as well as the values and community that have grown around these sports. Reaching more than 130,000 readers with 10 issues a year, the magazine is known for its stunning photography, expert technical advice, and rich coverage of routes, crags, and mountain ranges all over the world. It’s also beloved for a long heritage of epic survival stories, exclusive accounts of first ascents, and deep portraits of the colorful personalities that make the sport so lively.

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