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  • Reclimbing The Classics: Watch Sean McColl Attempt Hubble (5.14c)

    Sean McColl has been crushing it lately on the competition circuit, having won Psicobloc 2014 just last week, but that doesn't mean hard redpoints come easy. Hubble in Raven Tor, England was the world's first 5.14c. First climbed in 1990 by Ben Moon, the stiff route has only seen four ascents in the 20+ years since. In this video, McColl attempts the line with Moon in tow for beta and history. He doesn't quite make the redpoint, but he does put in a solid effort.

  • Psicobloc 2014 Video Recap

    On August 8, 2014 some of the world's best climbers headed to Park City, Utah to compete in the second Psicobloc Master's Series. Competitors faced off tournament style on a 50-foot wall above the Olympic Park's ski jump pool. Fastest to the top or highest point moved on to the next round. Sean McColl claimed victory in the men's division, and Claire Buhrfeind took first place in the women's. Check out the video above for a full recap.

  • Video: Leif Gasch Nabs FA Of Old Todd Skinner Project

    In 1990, Todd Skinner bolted an arête near Lander, Wyoming that he would call Strawberry Roan. Then the route sat. And sat. 20 years went by before anyone else tried it. In this video, Leif Gasch and Kris Hamtpon attempt the proud line, which would eventually go at 5.13d. Check out Gasch's blog for a great account of the pair's effort.

  • Watch Shauna Coxsey Send New Base Line (V14)

    On July 12, 2014 the British boulderer Shauna Coxsey sent New Base Line (8B+/V14) in Magic Wood, Switzerland, making her the third female to climb the grade. Here's the footage of her ascent, of which Coxsey says: "I've been reluctant to share the video of my ascent of New Base Line due to the quality of the footage. I went to Magic Wood for a holiday. No film crew, no photographers, just myself and Ned. I wanted to film my ascent of the boulder to send to my coach so we balanced my phone in a tree as I was too scared to attempt the boulder without a spot. Due to the bad weather there was no opportunity to film the climb at a later date. This is my most significant ascent, and I have decided that I want to share my experience. I know this video doesn't show the whole climb but I hope you can appreciate my effort. I have watched this video countless times and I think it's pretty funny."

  • Video: Joe Kinder Sends Two Year Project, Maquina Muerte (5.14+)

    "I could never foresee the amount of effort I had to put in," Joe Kinder told Climbing upon sending Maquina Muerte (5.14+). The route, located at the Cathedral, near St. George, Utah, took Kinder two years of attempts. In this video, he makes the triumphant redpoint. For more info, check out our Q&A with Kinder.

  • Reclimbing The Classics: Watch Mirko Caballero Climb Grand Illusion (5.13b)

    In 1979, hangdogging was frowned upon. Tony Yaniro was determined to send Grand Illusion (5.13b), but he couldn't do it solely with ground-up burns. The solution: a homemade wooden replica of the crack. Yaniro practiced the jams every day until he was able to send it in one go on three pieces of pre-placed gear. It was considered the most difficult route in the world at the time. In this video, Yaniro returns to the route to accompany 13-year-old phenom Mirko Caballero on his attempt of the notorious granite finger crack.

  • Video: Band Climbs Stolen Chimney (5.10) With Electric Guitars

    Shred All Fear are the rock-climbing world's first pantomime rock and roll cover band. In this video, they climb Stolen Chimney (5.10) on Ancient Art tower in Moab with guitars on their backs, mullets on their heads, and mustaches on their faces. Then they shred at the top. Read our full interview with Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie and Brock "Freedom Ain't Free" Steel in the August issue of Climbing, on newsstands now. Then follow the band's ongoing exploits at

  • Watch Jonathan Siegrist Send His First 5.15a

    Biographie in Ceüse, France was the world’s first consensus 5.15a and is considered the benchmark for the grade. It's also Jonathan Siegrist's first 5.15a. Siegrist dramatically changed the way he trained and adjusted his lifestyle to prepare for the redpoint, and it paid off. Watch it here and check out our full coverage of the the impressive send.

  • Video: The Picnic - A Climbers' Triathlon

    Imagine biking 21 miles from Jackson, WY to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, swimming 1.3 miles across the lake, then hiking and climbing 10 miles up the Grand Teton via the Owen Spalding route. Sounds crazy, right? Well this group did it. Then, they did it again in reverse. That's 42 miles of biking, 2.6 miles of swimming, 20 miles of climbing and hiking, with 7,533 feet of elevation gained and lost. Watch these guys complete "The Picnic" a.k.a. the Teton Triathlon, a feat of endurance, determination, and insanity.

  • Video: Steph Davis - Crazy Beautiful Thing

    Is a climb over when you reach the top? Is a single BASE jump worth risking your life for? Is a lifetime of jumps worth risking your life for? Steph Davis seeks to answer these questions among the beautiful desert walls of Moab, Utah.

    By Mike Call, Boone Speed and Christine Bailey Speed.

  • Watch Boulderer Meagan Martin Send The American Ninja Warrior Course

    Meagan Martin has been a gymnast, a pole vaulter, and a competitive boulderer. Now she can add ninja to that list. In this video, Martin becomes the third female ever to complete the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course. We'll be routing for her to win the rest of the competition.

  • Watch Alex Honnold On Nightline

    In case you missed it, here's Nightline's recent segment on Alex Honnold. The video has some rad footage from both the El Sendero Luminoso climb and The Sufferfest 2. Other highlights include Honnold being repeatedly referred to as a mountain climber, ABC correspondent Neal Karlinksy getting coached up a route by Cedar Wright, and Honnold equating free-soloing to driving an 18-wheeler.