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  • Video: A Training Session With Mayan Smith-Gobat and Nóra Király

    Watch big wall badass Mayan Smith-Gobat and Hungarian bouldering champion Nóra Király team up for a session at Germany's famed Cafe Kraft bouldering gym.

  • Video: Alps Feels - Alpine Climbing in Europe

    Join Jon Glassberg and Jorg Verhoeven as they tour through the Austrian, Swiss, Italian, and French Alps in search of adventure, choss, and mountain feels among some of the most famous and climbed mountains in the world.

  • Video: Down to Nothing - Searching for Myanmar's Highest Peak

    This harrowing expedition pushed a group of mountaineers to the mental and physical brink; carving them Down To Nothing. A six-person team attempted to summit an obscure peak in Myanmar (Hkakabo Razi) to determine if it is Southeast Asia’s highest point. The expedition members, led by The North Face athlete and Telluride mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill include, videographer Renan Ozturk, climber Emily Harrington, and National Geographic author Mark Jenkins, photographer Cory Richards, and basecamp manager Taylor Rees.

  • Video: 2015 Psicobloc Masters Series Highlights

    Relive the radness and madness of the 2015 Psicobloc Master Series. Watch rock climbers conquer a 55-foot tall wall over the Park City Olympic Pool in stormy weather!

  • Video: 2015 International Climbers' Festival Recap

    The Climbing Mag crew headed up to Lander for the 22nd annual International Climbers' Festival for five days of climbing, music, great beer, and all the fun times that the festival has to offer.

  • Video: Sonnie Trotter Climbs Estado Critico (5.14d)

    Watch Sonnie Trotter return to Siurana, Spain after 14 years to test himself on new routes and finish some unfinished projects.

  • Mockumentary: The First Ascent of Fear is Life (5.13+ R, M8, WI6) on Boulder's Feared Second Flatiron

    Watch two climbers reach the "summit of their dreams" in Tower in the Clouds, a spoof by Max Owens that's packed with nearly every cliché ever seen in a climbing film.

  • Video: The Insane Power of Louis Parkinson

    We usually like to say that rock climbing is all about footwork, but as Louis Parkinson proves here, if you're strong enough, you can do whatever you want.

  • Video: Mud, Sweat, and Expletives (Mike Libecki and Angie Payne)

    After 16 days of climbing Poumaka, Mike Libecki and Angie Payne forged a new route to the summit of the remote island spire. Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann, with 3 Strings Productions, were there to document what turned out to be 8 pitches of dangerous, rain-battered, choss-infested, mud-covered A4 climbing.

  • Video: Chelsea Rude vs. Thanatopsis (5.14b)

    In the fall of 2014, Chelsea Rude was determined to send Thanatopsis (5.14b) in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. This is the story of her battle.

  • Video: Slow Moments from the 2015 Vail Bouldering World Cup

    Slow motion highlights of some of the world's best competition climbers. Incredible moves, plentiful falls, joyous victories, and crushing defeats—all captured at a stunning 240 frames per second.

  • Video: Stunning Aerial Shots from the Bugaboos

    Luke Humphrey and Cecil Groetken solo what Humphrey calls "the best 5.4 in the world," Pigeon Spire's West Ridge in the Bugaboos, BC, Canada. The ridge is 1,500 feet of solid, sticky granite with stunning views and breathtaking exposure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible footage from one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

  • Technique Video: Three Better Ways to Manage the Ropes for Rappels

  • Video: The Risk of Regret

    "Risk is inherent in all things we do. But, the biggest risk in life is looking back at all the opportunities we let pass us by. Where the line is drawn is different for everyone. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to criticize those that take it to the limit, exchanging safety and comfort for the richness of a life well-lived. Because, in the end, maybe the greatest risk in life is regret."

  • Sponsored: HippyTree X Jansport / The Westward Collection

    One of the more compelling collaborations we've come across—one of our favorite brands HippyTree joins forces with a tried and true classic, JanSport. We think you'll like the results.

  • Cool Video Tip: The Clove Hitch Handshake

    In this quick video from the AMGA and Outdoor Research, guide Jeff Ward demonstrates the "handshake method" of tying a clove hitch at a belay anchor. Advantage: This technique lets you tie in with one hand while you hang on to the anchor with the other hand, so you won't slip (or get pulled off) the belay ledge while tying in. Pretty slick!

  • Video: Emily Harrington Sends El Cap's Golden Gate (5.13)

    Only three years after learning to climb trad, Emily Harrington topped out her first free ascent of El Cap via Golden Gate (5.13). This is the story of those 40 pitches, six days, and countless scrapes and bruises.

  • Sponsored: Joe Kinder Tests Drives the La Sportiva Genius

    Joe Kinder heads to Andalucia, Spain with the new La Sportiva Genius in tow. His objective? To put the shoe’s no-edge technology to the test on a few of the region’s breathtaking limestone routes.

  • Video: The Ground-Up FA of Yosemite's The Constant Gardener

    Ethan Pringle and Cheyne Lempe set out in search of adventure in Yosemite and find it on a 1,000-foot unclimbed face on Higher Cathedral Rock. Read our original report at Ground-Up New Route on 1000-foot Yosemite Wall.

  • Video: 50 Boulder Problems in 60 Seconds

    Brandon Fox and Gabi Enos traveled to eight classic bouldering destinations, climbed 50 problems, and compiled this video. Each problem gets one move. How many can you name? Check your answers in the Climbing Moves Answer Key.

  • Video: Sachi Amma Sends Six 5.14d (or Harder!) Routes in Spain

    Sachi Amma spent three weeks in Oliana, Spain with the goal of sending Chris Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b). Not only did he redpoint the route on his second try before the camera crew was ready, he completed one of the greatest stretches of redpointing in sport climbing history. Amma sent six routes 5.14d or harder, including two 5.15a routes, and his first 9b (5.15b). Read our initial report on the trip including an interview with Amma.

  • Video: Best Practices For Belaying A Second Climber

    In this AMGA video, mountain guide Margaret Wheeler demonstrates techniques for belaying a second climber from above and makes the case for using an auto-blocking device clipped directly to the anchor.

  • Climb El Cap Street View-Style with Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell

    Thanks to a very cool collaboration between Big UP Productions, Sender Films, and Google Maps, you can now climb El Cap from the comfort of your computer. Join Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell for a street view-style ascent of the Nose, complete with 360 degree panoramas and cool factoids throughout. Watch the trailer here then visit Yosemite Street View for the full experience.

  • Video: The One Minute Pullup World Record

    Watch Singapore's Yeo Kim Yeong claim the Guinness World Record for the most pullups in one minute by firing off 44 pullups in the timeframe. These aren't kipping pullups either. Under Guinness guidelines, in order for a pull-up to count the body must remain straight throughout. The body must also hang limply before attempting the first pull up and must be raised until the chin is above the level of the bar. The body must then lowered until the arms are straight. On top of all that, Yeo Kim Yeong keeps a pretty wide grip. Any climbers out there that think they can beat him?

  • Watch the Chongqing Bouldering World Cup Finals

    The full stream of the 2015 Chongqing Bouldering World Cup Finals. Watch the strongest competition boulderers in the world compete on unique plastic problems. Read our summary of the results here.

  • Video: Team ABC - Meet the Next Generation of Crushers

    "Most of the programs start at 8 or 9 years old, and we start our kids at 2 and a half," says Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, founder of ABC Climbing in Boulder, Colorado. Find out why Team ABC is consistently topping the podiums at national competitions and meet the next generation of crushers.

  • Video: One Year Later

    At the age of 23, Rosa Post suffered a traumatic climbing injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. "One Year Later" tells the story of Rosa's resilience and the community of friends that healed with her. Visit Colorado Gives to donate to Adaptive Sports Association Durango.

  • Watch Ben Moon Climb 5.14d at Age 48

    Ben Moon redpointed Rainshadow (9a/5.14d) at northern England's Malham Cove on June 8, 2015, just a few days before his 49th birthday. Moon was one of the world's most influential sport climbers of the 1980s and early 1990s, pushing the grades like no other climber except Wolfgang Güllich from Germany. In 1989 he caused a stir in Europe by completing two 5.14b routes in southern France: Agincourt and Maginot Line. At the time, only Güllich had established a new route of the same difficulty. In 1990, Moon freed Hubble at Raven Tor in England. Originally given 8c+ (5.14c), it was the first route of this grade in the world, and it has only been repeated a handful of times—far fewer than Güllich's Action Directe, long considered the first 9a in the world. Moon worked on Rainshadow (first climbed by Steve McClure in 2003) for 18 days over six weeks this year. In this inspiring and unpretentious film, Moon shows why he's still got it.

  • Video: Climbing Cerro Torre's Classic Ice Wall

    What's it like to climb Cerro Torre? This six-minute film gives a nice glimpse. John Long does voiceover, playing the part of Jess Roskelley, in this film of Cerro Torre's west face. Roskelley and Ben Erdmann climbed the spectacular ice flutes and tunnels of the Ragni Route (Cerro Torre's original route) and then endured the long march out the Marconi Glacier and Rio Electrico valley, for the full Patagonian experience.

  • Video: Chris Sharma Free Climbs Giant Redwood Tree

    Chris Sharma returns to his childhood tree climbing roots on a grand scale. In this video, he puts up a first free ascent on one of Northern California's giant redwoods. This isn't your typical backyard oak tree ladder. The massive ribs of the bark are more akin to tuffas, and Sharma calls it "proper hard climbing." Bonus: Red Bull is donating $.10 per video view up to $10,000 to benefit redwood tree research.