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  • Video: Joe Mills, 5.14, and Colorado's Deepest Canyon

    This great 10-minute film directed by Evan Kay details Colorado climber Joe Mills' efforts to find and free a 1,500-foot 5.14 climb in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, with Jesse Zacher. Will they send? You'll have to watch to find out.

  • Watch: 2014 SCS Nationals Highlights

    In case you missed it, see the best moments of the 2014 SCS National Championships. Our two favorites: Brad Weaver flashing the difficult men's finals route, which no other competitor was able to finish. And, the most talked-about moment of the comp, Sasha DiGiulian finishing her route twice in one climb. DiGiulian climbed past the second-to-last clip and up to the chains, then had to downclimb, make the clip, and head back to the top. It was an impressive display, but not enough to unseat defending champion Delaney Miller. The two women, along with Claire Buhrfeind, tied in the finals, but Miller's strong performance in the qualifiers secured her the win. Check out the full results.

  • Francisco "Novato" Marin Climbs 5.14 at Age 61

    It's easy to look at young crushers like Ashima Shiraishi and Mirko Caballero, and lament how much you could've accomplished if you started climbing when you were six. Next time those thoughts enter your head, instead think about Francisco "Novato" Marin. At 61, the Spanish climber is sending 5.14. He climbed his first 5.13b at age 52, his first 5.13d at 54, and his first 5.14 at 58. He's nearly keeping up with his son, pro climber Edu Marin, who has climbed several 5.15s. So don't be jealous of the youngsters. Think about how many years you still have before you turn 61, like Marin.

  • The Campground Traverse: Greatest Bouldering Achievement Of All Time?

    In this video, Jonas Winter makes a historic not-first ascent of The Campground Traverse in the famed San Vito Lo Capo area in Sicily, Italy. It's clear, with this send, that Winter is pushing the progression of bouldering to the next level. We'd bet that it's not long before he puts up the world's first six V19s. OK, this might not be 100 percent serious. Or any percent serious. It's an excellent parody of bouldering-video cliches. Did they miss any? Tell us in the comments.

  • Watch Alex Megos Send Swiss Classics in Ticino

    The young German dispatches four V13 or V14 problems on the legendary granite boulders of Ticino, Switzerland.

  • Massive Runout, Bad Gear: Tom Randall Puts Up Pure Now

    Tom Randall hasn't been seeking beautiful, aesthetic lines. He's been seeking an experience. Randall wanted to push himself to his psychological limit. He claims to have done it on his first ascent of Pure Now. The wide boy previously sought out the notoriously difficult and dangerous routes The Zone and Appointment With Death in pursuit of his goal. Each one left him feeling unsatisfied. That was until he spotted this variation of Master's Edge at Millstone Edge in the Peak District of England. At E9 6c (5.13c X) Pure Now is no joke. Randall climbed it with only one gear placement, followed by a 45-foot runout. "If you fall off on the top section, you're almost certainly going to break your legs, or neck, or something not good," said Randall. It's a tense watch. Randall wrote on his blog of the experience, "I knew instantly that I didn’t need a hit like that for a very long time indeed. If ever."

  • Watch Niky Ceria Climb Off The Wagon (V14)

    Niky Ceria says he's dreamed of climbing Off The Wagon since he saw the project in Dosage IV. Now the Italian climber has made the fourth ascent. Off The Wagon is located in the Bavona, Switzerland and features some rad campusing. The previous ascents were made by Nalle Hukkataival, Jan Hojer, and Jimmy Webb, with Hukkataival claiming the first ascent in 2012.

  • Video: Chris Schulte Puts Up New Boulders In Indian Creek

    Indian Creek, Utah is a crack climber's heaven. Most people arrive with a full rack and head straight up the walls. Instead, Chris Schulte opted to take the low road on this trip and scour the desert for new boulders. He found plenty. Here Schulte details his trip and shows off his many aesthetic FAs. Check out Schulte's full report.

  • Live: SCS National Lead and Speed Finals Tonight @7:30 MDT

    Yesterday Vasya Vorotnikov and Delaney Miller lead the Sport Climbing Series (SCS) qualifiers. Today they'll face stiff competition from the likes of Jon Cardwell, Sasha DiGiulian, Daniel Woods, Chelsea Rude and other heavy hitters. Check back here at 7:30 P.M. MDT to watch the lead and speed climbing finals live, and see who takes the national championship.

  • Live: SCS National Championship Qualifiers Today @6:00 MDT

    Chris Sharma. Sasha DiGiulian. Daniel Woods. Angie Payne. The biggest names in climbing will be at Sender One in Santa Ana, California this weekend to compete in the Sport Climbing Series National Championships. Watch the qualifiers live today at 6:00 P.M. MDT, then check back tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. MDT to see the finals.

  • The Sufferfest with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright - Full Movie

    In 2013, Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright set out to climb all of California's 14,000-foot peaks, free-soloing the technical sections. To add to the difficulty, they decided to do the trip by bicycle. Here is the full story of their journey, which they've dubbed The Sufferfest. The duo must have forgotten how rough it was, because they're right now in the middle of a second sufferfest, where they're biking to and climbing the iconic towers of the Southwest.

  • How to Get Boots that Fit