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  • Watch Jimmy Webb Send Defying Gravity (V15)

    This short film by Bearcam Media captures Jimmy Webb's second ascent of Defying Gravity (V15) at Thunder Ridge, Colorado, on November 20, 2014. The problem, put up by Daniel Woods about a year earlier, has what Webb calls the lowest-percentage single move he's ever done. See him work it out here!

  • Trailer: Sufferfest 2 - Starring Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright

    "Less than a year after enchaining the fifteen tallest peaks in California by bike, Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright have forgotten that it was their worst trip ever and—for god knows what reason—they're at it again. This time the duo attack an ambitious goal to climb 45 of the American Southwest's most iconic Desert Towers via their most difficult routes. It's an epic and scenic bike journey that takes them through Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. This movie has it all, including: gale force winds, hard climbing, snow in the desert, a puppy, huge phallic towers, loose rock, and Alex Honnold's bare ass. What more could you ask for?"

    Watch the full movie, Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine, AKA 34 Pieces of Choss and 5 Horrendous Life Experiences, Starring Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright, on Vimeo.

  • Video: The Ultimate American Ninja Warrior Audition Tape

    Last May, Jake Murray waited for five days in cold and rain to run the American Ninja Warrior course, but it didn't happen. In his new audition tape, the climber and skateboarder proves without a doubt that he could be a Ninja Warrior champion, by reenacting Footloose. We're convinced.

  • Video: Always Above Us - Big, New Mixed Route for Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson

    "In 1999, on an expedition in Tibet, team alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson lost their good friend and exploration companion, Alex Lowe, to an avalanche that narrowly missed Conrad himself. To preserve Alex's honor, Conrad and Kris establish and send , a new mixed route in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. Their story, and climb, are captured here by Sherpas Cinema."

  • Video: The First Ascent of Truckbutt (5.11a)

    A beautiful, aesthetic line that was just begging to be climbed—none of these words describe this route. In this fun video, Aran Cook and Air Forbes set out to nab the first ascent of Truckbutt, a two bolt sport route up the back of a mega dump truck. When you're far away from real rock, you have to make dude with what you have.

  • Video: Desert Ice - A Zion Ice Climbing Adventure

    "Climbing routes like this is like defusing a time bomb, and you can’t walk away from it." Jesse Huey and Scott Adamson venture into the Zion backcountry in search of fresh ice and mixed routes. They're rewarded with pristine virgin lines with marginal-if-any gear placements in an especially remote wilderness. Bold and committing is an understatement.

  • Video: Crag Pooping PSA

    In this video by the Access Fund, Dave Wetmore poops too close the the crag with some surprising consequences. For more fun PSAs, check out

  • Video: 400-Foot Chalk Cliff Climbing Competition

    The Red Bull White Cliffs event last weekend pitted 10 top mixed climbers against a nearly 400-foot vertical to overhanging wall of chalk in southern England. Read our full coverage of the event at Climbers Race Up 400-Foot Chalk Cliffs.

  • Video: Alex Honnold Free-solos Heaven (5.12d) - Climber's Cut

    This beautifully shot video (directed by Jimmy Chin) features Alex Honnold free-soloing Heaven (5.12d) in Yosemite. The route follows a 40-foot overhanging crack several thousand feet above the valley floor. Like most of Honnold's solos, a fall would be catastrophic. The route was first free-soloed by Dean Potter in 2006. Honnold made the second free-solo in 2011, then repeated it twice for this video. For a cool, behind the scenes look at the shoot, check out Jimmy Chin's blog.

  • Video: Wideboyz Climb 130 Routes and Run 20 Miles in 24 Hours

    Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker have a tendency to take on insane challenges. They've conquered the hardest off-width in the world. They've climbed one of the hardest finger cracks. They've attempted 5.13a in fat suits. This challenge might be their craziest yet. The pair decided to link all the Brown and Whillans routes on  the Eastern and Western Grit in a day. According to Randall's blog, that would encompass 17 crags, 23.6 miles of running, and 132 pitches. Randall estimates they soloed 66% of the routes. The team achieved their goal with some suffering, and this hairy moment recounted by Randall:

    "One of our tactics on some routes was for the seconder to be immediately lowered back to the ground to start soloing up the next route before the other person could get down to the base and follow. Well on one long route, I was being lowered down, but swung out too far and was about to hit a tree so I grabbed a hold on the face and shouted at Pete to hold me one second to redirection myself. What did he do? He thought I’d said 'off belay,' so untied, chucked the rope off the top and left me abandoned on this hold! It all worked out with a little down soloing though."

    For the full story, check out No Sleep Till Bakewell.

  • Video: Disappearing Floor Forces Customers to Climb to Safety

    In this fun Korean ad/prank for The North Face, customers find themselves in an interesting predicament. While browsing in what looks like a normal shop, the floor suddenly retracts into a wall covered in climbing holds. Most people make the logical choice and latch on. They're then presented with a challenge. We don't speak Korean, but it appears that they have 30 seconds to dive from the wall and grab a sweet puffy hanging from the ceiling. If we had our way, we'd do all of our shopping like this.

  • Video: Tahoe Bouldering - Welcome to the Future (V12)

    In this beautifully shot bit of bouldering porn, Jesse Bonin returns to Welcome to the Future (V12) in the Barb-Wire Area to claim another ascent of his classic problem.