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  • Valley Uprising Bonus Clip: The Big Walls

    Reel Rock’s much-anticipated feature-length film, Valley Uprising, shines a spotlight on the legendary history of climbing in Yosemite National Park. Take a sneak peak with this bonus clip, and catch the full film in the Reel Rock Film Tour this fall, which kicks off today (9/11/14) in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Video: New Speed Climbing World Record

    Czech climber Libor Hroza set a new world record in speed climbing on August 30, ascending the 15-meter (49-foot) speed course in 5.73 seconds, during a competition in Arco, Italy. Hroza, 27, is ranked second in the world in speed climbing. The IFSC has formalized the rules for international speed competitions, and records are only counted if they take place on a certified wall (currently only seven in the world, including one in Canada), using the exact same holds and route on every course. The women's 15-meter speed record (7.85 seconds) is held by Iuliia Kaplina from Russia.

  • Video: A Tour of the Sweetest Road Rig Ever

    Brittany Griffith and Jonathan Thesenga are both professional climbers, world travelers and weekend warriors. In this episode of our 'En Route' series they take us through the sprinter van that they often call home. After purchasing a stripped down Sprinter Van, they proceeded to design their ideal adventuremobile. It has now traveled thousands of miles, hosted two Thanksgiving dinners, yoga sessions and seen many a dance party

  • Video: Jonathan Siegrist Climbs Speed (5.14c)

    Fresh off his ascent of Realization aka Biographie (5.15a), Jonathan Siegrist headed over to Voralpsee, Switzerland for a shot at Speed (5.14c). Speed was first climbed by Beat Kammerlander in 1995, and is known for being an extremely difficult and techy face climb. The route hasn't seen a significant number of ascents since it was put up nearly 20 years ago. Siegrist would go on to make the third ascent of an extension of the route called Speed Integrale (5.14d). Read Siegrist's account on his blog.

  • Video: Couple Climbs To Their Cliff-Top Wedding In Squamish

    Well, this is adorable. This couple threw out the usual wedding-day worries (food, flowers, DJ) and replaced them with hand jams and foot smears by holding their ceremony on top of The Chief in Squamish, BC. The approach to their sacred union included ascents of Calculus Crack (5.8) and The Squamish Buttress (5.10c), in formal attire. Luckily, no one bailed on either route. We suspect that the hardest part was finding a harness-compatible wedding dress.

  • Watch Boulderer Meagan Martin Set An American Ninja Warrior Record

    Fresh off crushing the qualifiers, climber Meagan Martin takes her shot at the American Ninja Warrior national finals course. On this run, she becomes the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to complete the Jumping Spider obstacle, which is essentially a traversing stem chimney that you have to launch yourself into with a trampoline

  • Watch the Complete Bouldering World Championships

    Watch the epic battle of the world's best competition boulderers at the 2014 Bouldering World Championships in Munich, Germany.

  • Video: Bouldering Comp Chalksplosion

    A funny highlight from Tour de Bloc, the Canadian Bouldering Championships, a few years back. One competitor goes for a dyno with unexpected consequences. The good stuff starts around 33 seconds in.

  • Events: Western Massachusetts Rendezvous 2014

    Live in the Northeast? Check out the 5th Annual Western Mass Rendezvous Sept 19-21. This year's event features camping, the Reel Rock Film Tour, and both bouldering and route climbing comps. More info at Climbing Gneiss.

  • Watch Cedar Wright Wrestle With Offwidth Squat (5.12a)

    Offwidth climbing is scrappy and brutal. This route is no exception. Watch as Cedar Wright takes on Squat (5.12a) in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. Squat is a short, but grueling route that was put up by Bob Scarpelli and went unrepeated for 10 years. The burly Scarpelli originally graded it 5.11b, but it's since been bumped up three notches to solid 5.12a. Cedar would later comment on Mountain Project, "I was born again up there. 35 feet but feels like 700. Praise the Offwidth."

  • Alex Honnold: The Relativity of Risk

    This week, Alex Honnold stopped by the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado for a live Q&A. The night included a rad video presentation, and plenty of great Honnold quips. For example, if you're still waiting to see him climb the Taipei 101, then we hate to disappoint you, but Honnold said, "It's not that shocking, but it turns out that lawyers and free soloing don't mix... Whoda thunk?" Watch the full event here if you didn't get to see it live.

  • Video: To Yosemite, With Love

    Pro climber and YOSAR member Cheyne Lempe is one of the lucky individuals that gets to live and work in Yosemite full-time (legally). In this cool video profile, he provides a glimpse into his simple life and discusses his love affair with the Valley.