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  • Hot New Trailer! High and Hallowed: Everest 1963

    High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 is the deeper story of the greatest Himalayan climb in American mountaineering history. When a group of Americans attempted the summit of Mt. Everest in 1963, they among the first team that gained the summit pioneering a new route in the process. “The regular route up Everest is super dangerous, but it’s nothing like the West Ridge.” But in 2012 another group of American mountaineers attempted the same route. Narrated by best selling author, and Everest veteran, Jon Krakauer. The video will be released on VOD (video on demand) on 5/22/2015. To view the film when it is live visit

  • Watch Ashima Shiraishi On Talk Show

    Fourteen-year-old Ashima Shiraishi gives James Corden, host of The Late Late Show on CBS, a quick climbing lesson, but focusing on footwork as she suggests might not make a difference with slippery dress shoes.

  • Live: Watch European Bouldering Championship

    Watch the finals of the 2015 European Bouldering Championships with superstars Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert, Anna Stöhr, and more.

  • New Alex Puccio Film: Switching Gears

    Filmmaker Joel Zerr documents Alex Puccio's summer break from bouldering competitions and the spectacular results, including multiple V13 ascents in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • [Sponsored] Video: The Dawn Wall - The Full Story

    How did Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell catch the world’s attention on the Dawn Wall? Watch the exclusive long and short cut movies now:

  • New Film: The Devil's Lake Top 20

    This fun film by Steve Schultz showcases the best boulder problems at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin, from V1 to V10, as voted by local climbers.

  • Video: The Indian Creek Bouldering FAs of Chris Schulte

    When most climbers think of Indian Creek, they think splitter cracks and bomber cam placements. Here, Chris Schulte ventures down below the sandstone cliffs to explore unclimbed boulders. Watch him put up a handful of FAs and ruminate on what it will take to keep this area open to all climbers for years to come. Read Schulte's full essay: Up the Creek.

  • Video: Caroline Ciavaldini - First Female Ascent of Requiem (E8 6C)

    Wild Country athlete Caroline Ciavaldini makes the first female ascent of Requiem (E8 6c, roughly 5.13c), which was the UK's first E8 route. On the imposing walls of Dumbarton Rock Requiem follows a difficult crack to a run-out upper wall and a very challenging finish. See more at

    Name: Caroline Ciavaldini
    Age: 29
    Home climbing area: Reunion Island

    How did you get into climbing? In Reunion Island, I had gymnastic, rugby, and then climbing as my sport at school. I liked it, started the afterschool climbing program, and the ball was rolling!

    What kind of climbing do you do? You could say that I am a pure product of the French climbing federation, which means that I started as a competition climber, doing 10 years of World Cups. But then I bumped into a weird climber from the UK, who said the word:”trad” to describe his climbing. I had no idea what that meant, and it took me a while to become crazy enough to try it. Well, it seems I have gone a long way, as now I trad climb, multipitch climb, boulder, sport climbs, all of it averagely well, with a definite low point on bouldering… Maybe that is an OK definition of the dearly English “overall climber,” isn’t it?

    What does climbing mean to you? That is a tough one… let’s say, A LOT. That's safe.

    Favorite Climbing Area: The world. I used to say Saint Leger du Ventoux is the best climbing area I know, as there is indeed awesome limestone tuffas, but no slippery slates, no sandstone, nor gritstone… so until I find one area that has everything, I will only settle for the world.

  • Video: Live, Climb, Repeat

    We’re not much for commercials (except during the Super Bowl), but this Black Diamond spot does a great job summing up what it’s like to be a climber, and makes us want to quit our jobs and move into vans.

  • Video: Ashima Shiraishi Sends Open Your Mind Direct (5.14d/5.15a)

    On a spring break trip to the Santa Linya Cave in Spain, 13-year-old Ashima Shiraishi redpointed Open Your Mind Direct. While the route was originally 5.14d, it's been suggested that a broken hold may have pushed the grade up to a solid 5.15a. If confirmed, it would make Shiraishi the first female to climb the grade.

  • Video: Dai Koyamada's Japan 2015 FAs

    Dai Koyamada has been bouldering at the highest level for years. His resume includes first ascents of numerous V15s and two V16s: Wheel of Life in Australia and The Story of Two Worlds Low Start in Switzerland. Here, he puts up a handful of hard new problems in his home country of Japan.

  • Video: SCS 2015 Open National Championships Highlights

    Watch the biggest names in competitive sport climbing compete for the title of 2015 US national champion.

  • Video: Training with Adam Ondra (Part 2)

    Seven sets of 50 moves with two minutes rest between each. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good endurance workout.

  • Video: No Handed Climbing With Johnny Dawes

    Many people will tell you that rock climbing is all about footwork. Johnny Dawes takes it to another level. Known for his bold ascents in the '80s, Dawes is now experimenting with no-handed climbing on technical slabs. These aren't 4th class walk-ups. The Stanage Edge route Dawes ascends here looks like it should be impossible to climb with feet alone, but he makes it happen with an impressive display of balance.

  • Video: 11-Year-Old Shin Fei Sends The Grand Hustle (V13)

    Meet Shin Fei, the next young crusher that's bouldering grades higher than his age. In this video, he takes down the rarely repeated The Grand Hustle (V13) in Calico Basin, Nevada.

  • Video: Climbing the Monolithe de Sardières

    The Monolithe de Sardières is an amazing pillar that towers 300 feet over the countryside in Savoie, France. Routes on the spire go at four pitches, with the hardest landing in the general 5.10c-5.10d range. Here Laurene Sibue and Xavier Gaboriaud ascend the aesthetic stone.

  • Video: Training with Adam Ondra

    "You have to be a kind of masochist, and at a certain point I succeed in turning the pain into a joy."

    It wasn't until after rising to the top of the comp and outdoor climbing worlds that Adam Ondra decided to get serious about training, enlisting the help of coach Patxi Usobiaga last February. Here's a glimpse into his daily routine.

  • Video: Force - Mikey Schaefer's Adventures in Patagonia (Full Film)

    "Force is the collected footage from 10 years of Mikey Schaefer’s climbs, summits and misadventures in Patagonia woven together into a story of success, fear, joy and growth."

  • Video: Crocodile (V3) - An Ultra-Lowball Boulder

    Crocodile (V3) laughs at your sit start. This problem, located in Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau, tops out at three feet, if that. Climber Thomas Madsen takes it down in style.

  • Video: Dave Macleod's First Ascent of Project Fear

    "In the summer of 2014 Dave MacLeod set his sights on opening a hard new route on Cima Ovest in the Italian Dolomites. A bold objective for anyone at any time. For Dave though, this project brought with it some of the greatest challenges he has ever faced."

    Cover photo: Matt Pycroft/Coldhouse Collective.

  • Video: Sean McColl Pulls Off a Ridiculous Move at the Canadian Bouldering Championships

    Sean McColl secured the 2015 Canadian Bouldering Championship with this impressive display. We don't want to spoil anything. We'll just say the sequence gets more and more ridiculous with a nice payoff at the end.

  • Video: A Climber's Road Back From Injury

    (Warning: Contains slightly graphic injury footage) On October 3rd, Dan Cornella fell 25 feet off a highball boulder problem into a rocky and dry river bed in Kelly Canyon, Arizona. He sustained significant injuries. This is the story of his recovery and return to the sport he loves.

  • Video: 2015 ABS Open Nationals Highlights

    On February 6th and 7th, 2015 - the American Bouldering Series 16 National Championships brought together the biggest names in American bouldering. Watch as eight time nationals champions Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio defend their titles agains a stacked field of strong competitors.

  • Video: 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo Highlights

    Check out these rad sends from this year's Hueco Rock Rodeo, featuring Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Sam Davis, and Maria Sandbu, and an intro from John Sherman himself.

  • Video: Of the Rock I Asked for the Moon

    "Climbing the beautiful and extreme Octogénèse (5.13c) slab in Corsica, Stéphanie Bodet offers a singular and poetical vision of climbing. Deep and joyful is the way she found to live and evolve with her passion. A love for rocks and nature she shares since 20 years in couple, with Arnaud Petit. Translated to english by Jeff Arnoldi."

  • Video: Keith Ladzinski's Aesthetic Series (Volume 1)

    "The Pouxe is an off the road blow-by crag in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado off of I-70, but it does have a few pearls. In this episode Matty Hong takes on the cliffs hardest and prettiest line The Gutless Wonder, a stunner 5.14b route established by Andy Raether in 2005."

    The first video of Keith Ladzinski's new Aesthetic Series, which focuses on beautiful climbing and nothing else.

  • Video: Make Your Own Bowling Ball Climbing Hold

    It's the ultimate sloper. Kirk Earl bought a $4 bowling ball from a thrift store and sawed in half to make two bowling ball climbing holds for his home wall. One of them even has three convenient pockets. In this video, he shows you how he did it.

  • Trailer: Africa Fusion - Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay in South Africa

    Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay head to Southern Africa for an experience of a lifetime. Africa Fusion takes us from the breathtaking orange granite and vast landscapes of Namibia, through the desert and across to lush red sandstone of Waterval Boven in South Africa. Carrying on the journey in South Africa we follow Alex and Hazel North to the wild and remote Blouberg (Blue Mountain) range. Not only can you see Honnold climbing on a rope, but you can see him getting licked by a cheetah. Check out the whole movie on Vimeo On Demand.

  • Video: Alex Puccio Sends Wheel of Chaos (V14)

    The Upper Deck of Chaos Canyon in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado is home to the power endurance test piece The Wheel of Chaos. Watch Alex Puccio battle out this 25 move line and take down her second V14.

  • Video: Audrey Sniezek Works Hard and Climbs Harder

    Not every super crusher has the privilege of climbing full time. Audrey Sniezek sends 5.14 and holds, what she calls, "a demanding corporate job." In this video she discusses the work/life balance and puts up the first female ascent of Lost Horizons (5.14b) at Washington's Exit 32/Little Si. Read Sniezek's full account of the climb on her blog.