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  • Video: Martin Stráník Sends The Story of Two Worlds (V15)

    Watch Martin Stráník repeat The Story of Two Worlds (V15), Dave Graham's sit start to The Dagger (V14) on the Dreamtime boulder at Cresciano, Switzerland. "The story of two worlds was quite a great process over five days. I started with working on The Dagger and after two days it was done. I tried the first moves of Story and thought that I would be able to make a fast ascent, but temperature was not on my side. Every day I woke up early in the morning to give some serious attemps, but I wasn't even close. Finally, the temperature dropped and it was something different and much 'easier.' Now the problem was not a link to The Dagger but connected with all The Dagger moves. It is quite a long boulder. I was lucky to send it."

  • Video: All Roads Lead to Scotland

    Opposites attract. There isn’t a more appropriate statement to describe the unlikely yet formidable climbing partnership that is Nick Bullock and Tim Neill. They met on the mountains of Scotland in winter, and despite walking their own paths in the mountaineering world they are both drawn inexorably back there each winter. The fickle conditions that define Scottish winter climbing frequently lead to frustration, but the prospect of discovering an obscure gem presents an irresistible allure to them both.

  • Sponsored: The A-Lodge - Boulder's New Adventure Lodge

    Local Boulder Adventurers, Asa Firestone and Kris Klauber, have created an Adventure Lodge for Boulder, Colorado. Equipped with a slackline park and nestled in the Rocky Mountains only five minutes from downtown Boulder, the "A-Lodge" is the gateway to your Colorado adventure.

  • In-Depth Alex Honnold Video Profile

    "It's nice to share something that actually matters a little bit..." The famed free soloist discusses his climbing, his inspirations, and his environmental work. By Fred Moix.

  • Video: Ueli Steck Sets New Eiger Speed Record 2015

    Watch the Swiss Machine once again break the record for a solo speed ascent of the North Face of the Eiger. On November 16, 2015, Steck took advantage of good weather and climbing conditions and pushed for the summit of the classic Heckmair Route in a mere 2 hours 22 minutes. Read our original report: Ueli Steck Takes Back Eiger Speed Record.

  • Sponsored: Generation Up! Ashima and Kai

    Watch as award-winning teenagers, Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner climb to new heights.

  • Video: Alex Puccio Crushes Hard Bishop Boulders

    Before her season-ending knee injury this year, Alex Puccio traveled to Bishop, California to take on some hard boulders. Watch as she sends The Buttermilker (V12), Direction (V13), The Swarm (V13) and other classics.

  • Watch: Video Profile of Ashima Shiraishi

    Vice Sports has produced a nice short video about Ashima Shiraishi, one of the most accomplished female climbers in the world—at the age of 14—training and talking about climbing with her dad.

  • Video: The Iceland Trifecta

    Climbers Klemen Premrl and Rahel Schelb, and filmmaker Tim Kemple head to Iceland with three goals: climb a glacier, climb an ice cave, and climb an iceberg. The Iceland trifecta. What follows is some impressive ice climbing in breathtaking, otherworldly landscapes.

  • Video: Ground Up - A Vermont First Ascent Story

    Vermont doesn't usually come to mind as a climbing destination. Despite often being overshadowed by neighboring cliffs in New Hampshire and New York, the Green Mountain State has its own gems if you know where to look. This video sheds light on the hard work and risk that goes into bolting a long route on lead. If you've never seen someone clip a drill bit sticking out of a hole in the rock as pro, now is your chance.

  • Video: Alex Megos Climbs Modified (5.15a) in Frankenjura

    Not many climbers can make the first ascent of a 5.15a route look easy, but Alex Megos does just that. Watch Megos redpoint Modified (5.15a), which at the time tied with Corona (5.15a) for the hardest route in Frankenjura, Germany.

  • Video: Heaven on Earth - Jimmy Webb and Matt Gentile in Virgin Gorda

    Jimmy Webb and Matt Gentile explore the beautiful beach bouldering and first ascent potential on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Their island itinerary is simple: Send, Rinse, Repeat.

  • Video: Virgin Gorda Beach Bouldering with Jimmy Webb and Matt Gentile

    Jimmy Webb and Matt Gentile explore beautiful beach bouldering in this tropical paradise.

  • Video: Bella the 21-Month-Old Boulderer

    According to Bella's parents, she worked on this project for three days, making no progress on the first two. Then on day three she was absolutely determined to get it done, and she did! Surprisingly good form on this little one, and she already has her Ondra scream down. Though when she does it, it's more of a squeak.

  • Video: The Danger Of Open Quickdraws

    "Streaky Desroy shows us how a rubber band on an open sling can be dangerous on quickdraws."

  • Massive Swiss Rockfall Caught on Video

    Scary stuff. On October 19, this monstrous block came off the Mel de la Niva in the municipality of Evolène in south Switzerland. The rock had been considered unstable since an avalanche in 2013 and was under surveillance. A local geologist recorded strong activity on the peak last week, and as a precaution, the town below was evacuated. Good thing.

  • Video: You Might Be a Climber

    Do you sleep on a crash pad, breath in more chalk than air, and wear rubberized ballerina slippers that are too small for your feet? If so... you might be a climber. By E10 Pitches

  • Video: Will Stanhope Free-solos The Chief in Squamish

    Watch as Will Stanhope free-solos High Plains Drifter (5.11c) on The Chief in Squamish, British Columbia and explains his motivation for going without a rope. For more footage of Stanhope sending hard routes sans rope, check out Will Stanhope Free-solos Hard Joshua Tree Cracks. By Moves Media.

  • Video: Climbing Magazine Explores Chattanooga’s Best Climbing

    Join the Climbing staff as we test gear and explore the incredible rock around the capitol of southern climbing: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    Shannon Davis
    Julie Ellison
    Kevin Corrigan
    Andrew Burr
    Paul Creme
    & Alton Richardson

    Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Alton Richardson
    Additional video and editing by Julie Ellison

    Max & Dan and everyone at The Crash Pad
    Jon and everyone at Highpoint Climbing & Fitness
    Raccoon Mountain Campgrounds
    Ryan Litchfield
    Todd Clark
    Laban Swaford

    Special thanks to the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau.

    "Fallin'" by Jahzzar
    "The Wrong Way" by Jahzzar
    "Don't Let The Crows Take Your Sight" by Thee Moths
    "Unclean Ghost" by El Jesus De Magico
    "2" by The Valleys
    "Swimmer's Ear" by Phemale
    "Reflections (COG rmx)" by C.O.G.
    “Silence Loop” by Adam Wrong
    "Blues for John Carter" by Jim McAuley & Scott Fraser

  • Mockumentary: Downhill Climbing - This is That

    "When I'm climbing downhill, I'm actually getting closer to heaven." —Ty Williams.

  • Video: DiGiulian, Traversi Climb Eiger's Magic Mushroom

    After three weeks of failed attempts due to wet and snowy conditions on the Eiger's hardest free route, Paciencia (5.13b, 23 pitches), Sasha DiGiulian and Carlo Traversi were forced to make a decision. Continue with the original objective or attempt a neighboring route that offered drier rock. They opted for climbing over waiting and turned their attention to Magic Mushroom (5.13a, 20 pitches). Three long days of effort culminated in the first American ascents by the team, and the First Female Ascent of the route by Sasha. Read our original report, DiGiulian and Traversi Climb Eiger Free Route.

  • Video: Free-Soloing Three Classic Gunks 5.6s

    This beautifully shot video follows Christian Fracchia as he free-solos three of the most popular routes in the Gunks: High Exposure, Madame G's, and Shockley's Ceiling. All three go at 5.6.

  • Video: Tom Randall on the First Ascent of The Final Round (5.13c/d X)

    Watch as Tom Randall makes the first ascent of The Final Round, potentially the hardest limestone trad route at England's Peak District. Randall gave it a grades of 8a+/8b and HXS, which roughly translates to 5.13c/d X by YDS standards. Protection is sparse and suspect. Upon completing the route, Randall wrote on his blog, "All I know is that I’m putting my skyhooks away for a couple of weeks…"

  • Video: Paul Robinson Grampians 2015 Bouldering Edit

    Watch as Paul Robinson sends hard problems from V11-V14 on the Grampians' unique spiderweb sandstone formations.

  • Video: Neil Gresham on Hard Training and Redpointing

    Neil Gresham pushes himself very, very hard. And that's the point. For Gresham, it's about the process. In this video he talks about his training and redpointing philosophy, then puts it all together for the first ascent of Freakshow (5.14b) at England's Kilnsey crag.

  • Video: Frank and the Tower

    "The first time Frank Sanders saw Devils Tower was in the sudden brilliance of a lightning strike. It sent a wave of anxiety through him, but the next day he climbed The Tower. Forty three years later, he’s repeated that act more than 2,000 times, and learned a thing or two about going up and not growing old."

  • Video: David Lama Climbs New Route Out of Huge Sink Hole

    Lebanon isn't known for it's climbing, but this video might change that. Watch as David Lama makes the first ascent of Avaatara (5.14d), which climbs out of a sink hole in the Baatara Gorge. Neighboring a waterfall and surrounded by natural bridges, the route is so beautiful that frankly, it's absurd.

  • Video: Stylin' Nut Fail

    We've all been there... This climber on the second pitch of Corrugation Corner (5.7) at Lover's Leap finds that his nut placement wasn't as solid as he thought.

  • Video: Jimmy Webb's Australia 2015 Bouldering Edit

    Watch Jimmy Webb dispatch hard boulder problems from V11 to V13 in this edit from his very productive trip to Australia's Grampians.

  • Video: Jorg Verhoeven Frees the Nose

    In October of 2014, Jorg Verhoeven spent 30 days in Yosemite with one goal in mind; Make a free ascent of the Nose (5.14), on El Capitan, arguably one of the world's most famous climbs. Join Jorg as he explains why this route is so hard, what keeps people from climbing this iconic route free, and what he personally invested into his remarkable ascent. Tommy Caldwell and Lynn Hill help narrate this incredible story of determination and perseverance that ultimately leads to the fifth free ascent of the Nose.