Is Re-soling Climbing Shoes Worth it? Or Should I Just Buy a New Pair?

Is re-soling climbing shoes worth it? Or should I just buy a new pair? —Anonymous

There’s no need to toss your rock shoes in the dump just because the tips of the soles are worn out. Resoling your rock shoes can keep them out of the landfill for months—even years—and save you hundreds of dollars in new shoe purchases.

The key to a perfect resole is to have it done before the outsole wears through to the underlying rand. If you start to see another layer of rubber, stitching, or the shoe’s upper fabric through the sole or rand, you likely will need rand repair as well as new soles, which adds expense and compromises the resole. In the rare case that you have a damaged rand but don’t yet need a resole, you can do temporary spot repairs with Aquaseal, Shoe Goo, or Freesole.

A typical resole job costs about $28 per pair to replace the front half of the sole, plus another $18 to $20 to repair the toe cap or rand, plus shipping for mail orders. Allow one to two weeks for a mail-in resole. —Chris Weidner

Top Two Resolers
(Most recommended at Climbing’s Facebook and Twitter pages.)

Rock & Resole
Boulder, CO
(303) 440-0414

Yosemite Bum
Buena Park, CA
(714) 522-5556


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