What Do I Do When Feathers Start Sticking Out of My Sleeping Bag? Pull Them Out?

What do I do when feathers start sticking out of my sleeping bag? Pull them out? —Anonymous

Nothing is worse than that irritating poke, poke, poke from a down feather trying to escape your brand-new bag. Instead of plucking out these feathers—which makes a tiny hole bigger—try to push them back in through the same hole, or pull them back in from the opposite side. Once you've gotten the feathers back in their rightful place, massage the fabric to rearrange its micro-threads and seal up the leak. If the tear is larger, use nylon repair tape (available at your local outdoors store), making sure to surround the tear with at least a half-inch of extra tape. —Adapted from Backpacker's Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair, by Kristin Hostetter

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