What's the Best Jacket to Take to the Tetons for Summer Climbing?

I'm going to the Tetons this summer to try some of the classic alpine routes, and I'm curious about the use of soft shells. Everyone is telling me that all I need is a soft shell for climbing these days. —Anonymous

While it is true that a soft shell is a great piece, and one that is often on me or in my pack, a range like the Tetons warrants some form of waterproof protection as well. I carry both a soft shell and a Gore-Tex hard shell. The soft
shell is the one I wear most of the time, but with the high chance of thunderstorms every day in the Tetons, I also carry a light hard shell at all times. I’m amazed how often it comes out of the pack.

—Dale Remsberg is technical director of the American Mountain Guides Association and an IFMGA/AMGA licensed guide (gravityguide.com).

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