What's the Best Season to Climb in the North Cascades?

I'm looking to head to the North Cascades and tick off some classic climbs like the West Ridge of Forbidden and the North Ridge of Mt. Baker. What season will give me the best chance for success? —Anonymous

I’ve had many friends go to the Cascades too early, like late May or June, because they are so excited after the long winter. Often times, the likelihood of poor weather and deep snow can shut them down. I prefer to be a bit more patient and hit the Cascades in late July and early August. This will allow for mostly snow-free trails down low and then snow-covered scree and boulderfields up high, allowing for great travel. Also, the weather is much more stable as the summer matures. Both of those routes can be good this time of year. Have fun!

—Dale Remsberg is technical director of the American Mountain Guides Association and an IFMGA/AMGA licensed guide (gravityguide.com).

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