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    Reader Poll: Tell Us Your Fears

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  • HPSemiRad

    Semi-Rad: With A Little Aid From My Friends

    The sun was minutes away from ducking behind the West Rim of Zion Canyon on a February Saturday afternoon as I stretched high in my aiders to plug a .5 Camalot in a splitter sandstone finger crack that shot 200 feet up above my head on Touchstone Wall. I looked down at the other set of aiders clipped to my harness, flying sideways in the breeze, a couple hundred feet of air between me and the Scenic Drive road below, and I thought, How come nobody ever told me about aid climbing?

  • HPCedar

    The Wright Stuff: Humans And Heroes

    Climbing is a unique sport where it is common to meet your heroes. Unlike team sports where the best play on a separate field, in climbing, we all frequent the same cliffs. You could bump into Lynn Hill at Rifle, or Tommy Caldwell among the boulders in Yosemite. Which brings me to a climber you might call the second coming of Peter Croft: my good friend and part-time hero Alex Honnold, quite possibly the most famous and idolized climber in the world today.

  • HPHero

    Tell Us Your Hero Story

    Tell us your story! We're looking for climbers who may have saved another climber's life or prevented serious injury through timely, skillful, selfless, and/or courageous action. No professional rescuers this time, please. We're looking for ordinary climbers who've done extraordinary things.

  • HPAnswerMan

    Ask Answer Man: Are Zip-off Pants Ever Acceptable?

    Zip-off pants fall roughly between fanny packs and LARPing on the NDS (National Dork Standard), which means they are acceptable in the following situations: 1) in the very far reaches of the backcountry, where there are no people and no cameras, and 2) never.

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    Nominate Your Favorite Gear For The Gear Hall Of Fame

    Do you have an all-time favorite piece of gear? We want to hear about it! We're putting together a climbing gear hall of fame for a future issue of our print edition and we want your nominations.

  • Robbins

    Check Out These Rad Art Prints Of Four Legendary Climbers

    Royal Robbins, Jim Bridwell, Warren Harding, and John Muir. Your favorite climbing legends are now tattoo-style paintings you can hang on your wall, thanks to San Diego-based tattoo artist and climber Angel Ivan Lopez Canto.

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    See Something Cringe-Inducingly Unsafe? We Want to Hear About it

  • Mammut Guide Work Glove.

    Gear We Love: Mammut Guide Work Gloves

    The Mammut Guide Work Gloves ($99, have been my go-to gloves for aerobic winter sports or mixed climbing. Actually, pretty much anytime I opt for dexterity over pure warmth, including driving on cold days.

  • Tecnu-Poison-Oak-Ivy-LSS-_i_lbw32577_02S

    Gear We Love: Tecnu Poison Ivy Relief

    Here's how allergic to poison ivy I am. When I was a kid, I once caught poison ivy in the middle of winter, even though there was a foot of snow on the ground. It was so bad I had to go to the doctor to treat the oozing blisters that threatened to seal my eyes.