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  • HPDWallInternet

    Dawn Wall Highlights From Around the Internet

    It's been a lot of fun following the Dawn Wall story over the past few weeks. It's also been a lot of fun watching the mainstream media coverage surrounding it. Here are a few highlights from the past week.

  • HPDWallNewspaperHeadlines

    Dawn Wall Headlines From Across the Country

    It's not often our sport makes national news, but the excitement surrounding Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's first free ascent of the Dawn Wall has crossed into the mainstream. Here's a selection of today's front page headlines about the historic climb from across the country.

  • HPDawnWallCoverage

    Our Complete 2014/2015 Dawn Wall Coverage

    Collected news and videos from Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's current push up the Dawn Wall.

  • HPWrightStuffStoneNudes

    The Wright Stuff: Behind the Scenes of Stone Nudes (NSFW)

    I was watching a man’s dream crumble before my eyes. “It’s over,” Dean “Bullwinkle” Fidelman, creator of the black and white nude bouldering calendar Stone Nudes, said with tears welling up in his eyes. “I’ve lost my funding.” With Dean’s yearly income in the very low five figures—mostly thanks to Stone Nudes—it was looking like a four-figure year.

  • HPRegramWhip

    Re-Gram: Show Us Your #Whipper

    As much as we may try to avoid them, it's hard not to take a good whipper once in a while when you're pushing yourself on a hard route. If you're lucky, a friend will catch the carnage on camera. Do you have a photo of yourself going airborne? We want to see! Post a picture on Instagram and tag it with #whipper. If your photo is among our favorites, we'll contact you about featuring it in an upcoming issue of our print edition.

  • HPFlowAccidentSmall

    Flowchart: Are You a Climbing Accident Waiting to Happen?

    We recently presented an array of hero climbers. These are selfless people who went above and beyond to ensure the s safety of others, sometimes at their own peril. And then there are the climbing liabilities. They’re cavalier about essential safety practices. They get themselves in over their heads. And they don’t know what to do when things go wrong. Follow the chart below to find out if you’re the kind of climber that gets people into trouble—or out of it.

  • HPInterviewWedding

    Interview: The Ultimate Climber Wedding

    Brian and Mandy Fabel threw out the usual wedding-day worries and replaced them with a 10-mile bike ride, 25-mile hike, and 9 pitches of climbing (x2).

  • FBPunting

    Semi-Rad: The Accidental Art of Punting

    Punting: Long days full of mistakes—getting off route, getting rap ropes stuck, getting lost on the approach, and generally just taking longer than usual—but not quite having an epic.

  • HPTat

    Re-Gram: Show Us Your #ClimbingTattoo

    Do you have climbing-related ink on your body? We want to see! Post a picture on Instagram and tag it with #climbingtattoo. If your photo is among our favorites, we'll contact you about featuring it in an upcoming issue of our print edition.

  • PactHP

    Commit to The Pact - Ensure Climbing Access for Years to Come

    Our sport is growing rapidly. Climbers are arriving at crags across the country in ever-increasing numbers. While this is great in many ways, it also puts a strain on the fragile environment in which we test ourselves. Our friends at the Access Fund have laid out this list of practices to minimize impact, protect our crags, and ensure they stay open to climbing for years to come. The Climbing staff has signed the pact to maintain these principles, and we urge you to do the same.

  • HPTheFlowTowns

    Flowchart: Which Climber Town Do You Belong In?

    Follow this handy flowchart to find out which climber-town fits your personality best, then move there.

  • HPalien

    Join Climbing Magazine for an AMA on Reddit Today at 2:30 pm MDT

    Today Climbing Magazine's editorial staff will be answering questions on Reddit's r/climbing community beginning at 2:30 pm MDT. If you have any burning questions about climbing, magazines, climbing magazines, Climbing magazine, anything else, or you just need a distraction at work, then stop by and hang out with us for a bit!