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New Management Plan for Black Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park has posted its proposed Wilderness and Backcountry Management Plan for public review. The new plan could impact climbing in the 2,000-foot-deep canyon in south-central Colorado, home to classic routes like The Scenic Cruise and Stratosfear.Proposed regulations include limits on new fixed anchors in the main climbing areas of the canyon, and a possible outright ban on bolts in "pristine" areas of the park. Climbers might have to get a permit before placing new bolts. The preferred alternative in the plan also discourages commercial guiding on climbing routes and would not authorize new guiding services. (The park estimates that 15 to 20 percent of climbs currently are guided.) The canyon's climbing regs would expand to cover Curecanti National Recreation Area as well.Download the plan here. You can comment online until October 27 by visiting the Black Canyon National Park website.




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Stupid rules conceptualized by stupid people living in a one dimensional world, completely detached from the three dimensional world of reality...sad but oh so prevalent...dealing with the same morons from the BLM with our mtb trail system here in Ridgway...a good dose of anarchy has kept climbing healthy and relevant for many just comes down to civilians being good stewards of the land , which I have more trust in than the paperpusher douchebags towing the government party line.

Doug Byerly - 09/26/2012 3:30:42