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Nominate Your Favorite Gear For The Gear Hall Of Fame


Photo: mariachily/Flickr.

Do you have an all-time favorite piece of gear? We want to hear about it! We're putting together a climbing gear hall of fame for a future issue of our print edition and we want your nominations.

The focus will be on core gear, like pro, harnesses, helmets, etc., BUT we’d also like to include apparel. On top of that, we're interested to hear about any nominations you might have in the camping gear category, particularly if you feel a certain item is (or was) a must-have item for climbers, tell us about it! These products can be brand new, super old, still available for purchase, not around for 15 years, or anything in between. They can also include items that might not be as practical now, such as first iterations of certain types of pro, old harness, belay plate, etc. As long as you have a good reason for nominating it, we want to hear about it!

What we're looking for are your nominations for the best gear, along with a few sentences about WHY you’re suggesting that particular item. You can nominate as many products as you’d like, and we’d love to include any interesting stories you might have about this gear. Did it ever save your life? Did it ever come in handy in a really unexpected way? What’s your favorite memory of using it? Things like that.

So, climbers, what's your most loved piece of gear of all time? Tell us about in the comments or email


I'm probably the only one who still uses this, but how about the figure 8? I've had a BD one for a while now and it is easily my favorite piece of gear. I have both an ATC and a Gri Gri, yet the 8 is still my favorite to belay with after a long day at the crag.

Sean - 06/28/2014 5:53:21

How 'bout the basic "D" shaped carabiner? It started the revolution from the ovals to the modern 'biners. If not those, then Wild Country Rocks and/or Choiunard Stoppers.

David Harris - 06/16/2014 8:48:36

I have a purple button-up shirt that my grandparents gave me in high school. I usually climb a grade or so harder when I wear it.

Britton - 05/14/2014 3:28:20

The winner is without a doubt the Pink Tricam. Very few route don't see the pinch of the small dude, and it is by far the most trusted piece I place in the rock. Plus, it's inexpensive! And the new version from Camp overcomed the only problem it had (wiggleing). BD camalot C4 (all size)... simply because they are so great ;) Solid, easy to place, stable, reliable, and easy to recover (often a forgotten detail, but so important!). BD ATC-guide, because it's simple, durable, and it can be used everywhere from simple belay to belaying a second smoothly, rappeling... Arc'teryx proshell (triply); I never go out without it. Easy to stuff at the bottom of a pack so it takes no room, and by far the best shell I ever used (and I did try many others) against rain/snow, wind, or simply to keep some warmth on a long belay. A single piece of gear that can change a harsh weathery day into a fun funky climb. MSR Hubba Hubba tent, for it's lightweight, the extraordinary ease to setup, and for it's roomy 2-places. The vestibules are perfect for the gear that doesn't fit in the tent, and the high roof allow enough space for the days spent in the tent (rainy), or simply to change clothes without being an acrobat.

Horizen - 05/13/2014 11:27:07

Gri-Gri because I can use it for so many different situations. For example, top belays, sport climbing, jugging, and lowering out. I really don't go multipitch climbing without my Gri-Gri. I really don't go climbing without my Gri-Gri and yes, everyone should learn how to be efficient with a Gri-Gri, it really isn't that hard to use. Blue metolius because I have placed the same blue metolius for the last 6 years and it has never ripped on me, even in flares where I was sure sudden death was right around the corner. Anasazi climbing shoes because there isn't an edge or crack on this planet that Anasazi's can't stand on. Jet Boil because I can't find a faster way to make coffee and oatmeal in the morning. Coffee because it is the SHIT!

Ben Griffin - 05/13/2014 12:38:46

Gotta agree with the pink tricam! I love that little guy.

Jake - 05/13/2014 11:20:31

Petzl Ergos, need I say more?

Steve - 05/12/2014 4:00:47

Black Diamond X4 .75 camalot! I never feel better about running it out than when i through this bad boy in a crack, whether its super bomber or some what sketch i know this thing has got my back

Brett Winterbottom - 05/12/2014 3:06:57

I am very fond of my blue petzl reverso, it's the first piece of gear that I bought for myself. It was so comfortable to use, compared to the eight, and I really love its design.

Marie - 05/12/2014 2:01:39

The ATC od BlackDiamond, still the best in its category :)

Chegue - 05/12/2014 9:29:37

The Pink!

Jan - 05/12/2014 4:19:00

Pink Tricam, Blue Totem Cam, Moses Tomahawk. Three very special pieces of small pro.

Phillip Ivan - 05/11/2014 5:44:15

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