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Seeking hero storiesWe're looking for climbers who may have saved another climber's life or prevented serious injury through timely, skillful, selfless, and/or courageous action. No professional rescuers this time, please. We're looking for ordinary climbers who've done extraordinary things.

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I was with a group that was going down a steep canyon and we reached the top of a 40 foot waterfall. We rigged a two rope rappel using a large chicken-head as an anchor. The first rappeller rigged both ropes through his ATC, weighted the ropes and backed to the edge. As he was getting ready to go, he accidentally flipped the rope off the chicken-head and started falling backwards over the fall. I dove and caught the rope and was able to hold him. He quickly climbed back up. It happened very fast. We were all in adrenaline shocked disbelief for a few minutes. He bought beers.

Dan - 06/20/2014 7:40:01

First I must say that I would not be sharing this if it was not for my belayer. When I first climbed my first multi-pitch sport route, I made a critical error when descending the route via rappelling. After my partner completed the second pitch, I lowered him back to the first pitch where we switched positions. I was utterly overwelmed and scared to be so high (200 feet-not so high anymore) off the ground when I reached the anchors on top rope. Our original agreement was to tug on the rope three times to confirm that I had reached the 2 pitch anchors and that I was tied in so that he would take me off belay. We decided to tug the rope because we could not hear each other (Indian Creek, CO). Since I was so scared, I tugged on the rope and immediatly sat back in my harness so that he could lower me. But instead of a slow and steady lower, all I remember was falling back so fast that I knew something was wrong. I screamed so loud. I was so scared that I was falling at a fast rate when all of a sudden my belayer who at the time was trying to take my off of belay when he noticed that the rope was running through his ATC so fast that he immediately grabbed the rope and arrested my fall. I was about 20 feet off the ground at that point. He then shouted WTF are you doing? My reply: I don't know. I was so scared to climb so high off of the ground that I forgot what our arrangement was prior to climbing. Close call to death. Thank you belayer.

Andre - 06/19/2014 10:46:57