Climbing Hold Reviews

If you've got a home wall or woody, you need holds…and lots of ’em. Climbing magazine has tested climbing holds from every hold maker, and we help you sort out the best values for your home climbing wall--and to avoid those painful grips no one wants to grab.
  • Gear Guide 2014: Bouldering

    Gear Guide 2014: Bouldering

  • So-iLL-Brush-Kit

    So iLL Brush Kit

    If you’re a serious boulderer, you need an arsenal of brushes. Now you don’t have to search the world over—or pay upwards of $50—for a complete set. For less than $30, you get five brushes—two are dual-sided, so it’s actually seven different styles, sizes, and textures for whatever type of hold or rock you might encounter.

  • Home-Starter Kits Gripped and Grabbed - No. 236 - January 2005

    Home-Starter Kits Gripped and Grabbed - No. 236 - January 2005

    While one of my more demented co-workers insists that 32 degrees is the optimal redpoint temperature, most of us aren’t so sold on the idea. So, how to keep in shape? Time to hit the home woody. Almost every hold manufacturer offers some kind of boxed set to swiftly get you up and climbing on your home wall.