Climbing Food and Supplement Reviews

You can't climb if you don't eat, and if you want to climb your best, you need to fuel up with the right foods. Climbing magazine tests energy bars, gels, nutritional supplements, recovery foods, and other specialty foods for athletic performance. We even test that essential workout recovery drink: beer!
  • HPCreatineGuide

    Climbing Nutrition: Creatine Supplement Guide

    Creatine is probably the most effective ergogenic supplement available to climbers, here's why and how to get the most out of it.

  • HPCNSportsDrinks

    Climbing Nutrition: When Should You Use a Sports Drink?

    Sports drinks have their time and their place. As eager as I am to extol their performance benefits, they are not helpful in all situations. Like any other aspect of nutrition (or training), it’s worth understanding the context of timing sports drinks so you know when it’s good to use one and when it may not be useful.

  • Climbing Gear Guide 2015: Editors' Choice Awards

    Climbing Gear Guide 2015: Editors' Choice Awards

    As editors of a climbing magazine, part of our job description includes traveling to cool climbing areas with the latest and greatest gear and putting it through its paces—all in the name of “testing.” Yeah, we’re pretty lucky. Of course, it’s not all peaches and cream. We eventually have to decide which products are worthy of a mention, and which are better left on the shelf. Every year there are several items that shine brightest, proving themselves to be absolutely must-have pieces of gear. We bestow those top picks with the gear world’s premier prize: Editors’ Choice. This year, we winnowed a field of hundreds of products to select these 15 coolest, best-performing, and most drool-worthy gear picks.

  • HPECBassecamp

    Gear Guide 2014: Basecamp

    Whether your digs are a sleeping bag under the stars or a shiny new Sprinter, here are 31 of the best new things to improve any climbing trip.

  • Tip-Juice-Hand-Balm

    Tip Juice Hand Balm

    Despite splitter weather, maximum strength, and high psych, bad skin sidelined our tester on a trip to the Buttermilks, California. “I couldn’t warm up without that throbbing pain you get from climbing on tattered skin,” he said. “One night with Tip Juice slathered all over my splits and tips, and I healed up enough to try my project the next day without causing more damage and pain.”

  • Mueller-Eurotape

    Mueller Sport Care Eurotape

    For crack climbers, the holy grail of hand tape is the super-sticky, 1.5-inch athletic tape from Mueller Sports Medicine. Unless you have visited Moab, Utah, where the Pagan and Gearheads stores stocked Mueller tape for desertsplitter fiends, this stuff has been hard to find in the U.S.

  • Nuun-All-Day-Hydration

    Nuun All-Day Hydration Tablets

    “I drink more than a gallon of water in a day of climbing, feel thirsty the whole session, and can tell my body isn’t absorbing the fluids,” our chief tester complained. So we gave her Nuun All Day Hydration tablets ($29.95 for a 4-pack;, and she noticed a difference right away: “Drop a tablet in 16 ounces of water, and my thirst actually feels quenched.”

  • Alchemy-Arm-Sleeves-

    110% Alchemy Arm Sleeves

    The joint-crushing and tendon-aggravating hours of gym training are incredibly hard on the body because of the high intensity and repetition, so much so that recovery techniques have become just as important as the hours spent pulling plastic. Since rest is sometimes out of the question for obsessive-compulsive climbers, those people need an alternative solution that expedites healing. That’s where the 110% Alchemy Arm Sleeves ($125; come into play.

  • Energy Food Review - No 234 - October 2004

    Energy Food Review - No 234 - October 2004

    My culinary world changed when a generous friend, seeing me lagging during the hike into a backcountry rock route, passed me a silver-wrapped snack.

  • Energy Food Review - Bars

    Energy Food Review - Bars

    “Delicious,” “Yum!” and “Tastes great,” were just a few of the remarks made by testers describing Clif Bars, the only bar to receive unanimous praise for taste and texture.

  • Energy Food Review - Gels

    Energy Food Review - Gels

    In a review where no product was considered tasty by all, it is impressive to note that Clif Shot received the highest overall marks for flavor.