Eddie Bauer First Ascent Katabatic

Bomb shelter

$599; eddiebauer.com

We’ve given this tent a lot of ink (and our sister pub Backpacker gave it an Editors’ Choice Snow award), and for good reason. From Everest to Peru, testers raved about the ideal combo of mountain-worthy features and livability that’s rare in four-season tents. Unique pole structure with near-vertical sides boosted living space, and the Katabatic survived 50mph blasts at 23,500 feet. Bonus: the 14 interior pockets kept gear chaos to a minimum.


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how come there is no venting on top of rain fly like North Face VE 25 for slightly warmer temps? or is there and i cant see it.

Chad - 06/03/2014 5:52:13

Preparing for my first climb.

Sarita Chauhan - 06/15/2013 11:54:50