Mammut Apollo - Sport Harness Review


Mammut Apollo,
$60, 11 ounces
Overall grade: C+
Summary: The Apollo was one of the more comfortable harnesses in the test in which to hang, but it has several flaws that keep it from being a top contender. First, the swami tapers to a very narrow profile in the front; there’s nothing inherently wrong in that, but in this case it causes the outer trim webbing of the harness to bulge and dig into your skin. That is, of course, if you can actually get the swami tight enough. Getting that last half-inch or so of webbing to hold on while doubling back was difficult. The chunky plastic protector over the leg loops’ tie-in point is cumbersome, and seemed like overkill since the tie-in point at the swami doesn’t have that same protection (it isn’t even completely covered in reinforcement fabric). Also, the tiny loop-and-hook setup on the detachable rear risers were difficult to put back, and the tubing gear loops tended to crowd quickdraws together.
Mammut/Climb High:(802) 985-5056,

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my climbing buddy has one and is is great it is lightweight sturdy and relly comfortable and it feel like you have somthing holding you not like the thin harnesses that you feel like ahh i feel like i am gonna fall

toby hoffman - 05/01/2013 10:30:30