Misty Mountain Arête - Sport Harness Review


Misty Mountain Arête,
$60, 14 ounces
Overall grade: B+
Summary: Though the Arête was the heaviest harness in the review, that weight is put to good use via the substantial padding in both the swami and the leg loops. For general dogging, this was one of the most comfortable harnesses we reviewed. The bulk is noticeable during exotic movement, but does not interfere to an annoying degree. The old-style tubing gear loops were quite stiff to begin with, poking up in the air, which was an annoyance when the loops weren’t loaded. Molded or woven loops would be preferable. If you’re looking for a harness that bridges the gap between general cragging and hardcore sport routing, this rig could be a good choice.
Misty Mountain: (866) 647-8955, www.mistymountain.com

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