Headlamp Reviews

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about headlamps from Climbing's gear experts, and then peruse our field-tested headlamp reviews to choose the best light for your climbs.
  • HPECBassecamp

    Gear Guide 2014: Basecamp

    Whether your digs are a sleeping bag under the stars or a shiny new Sprinter, here are 31 of the best new things to improve any climbing trip.

  • HPEC

    Gear Guide 2014: Editors' Choice Awards

    Innovative, smart, lust-worthy, and just plain cool: 10 new must-have products that topped our testers’ lists.

  • Black-Diamond-Revolt-Headlamp

    Black Diamond ReVolt

    The Volt has been our go-to headlamp for two years. Now there’s an updated model with a built-in USB charger for its rechargeable batteries. On long trips, you can swap in alkalines to ensure you won’t be stumbling in the dark.

  • GG-Surefire-Saint_31402.jpg

    2011 Gear Guide: Headlamps

    Every year, LED lights get brighter, rechargeable batteries get stronger for their size, and circuitry shrinks and gets more affordable. Half a dozen nocturnal testers took 10 new lamps and put them through their paces in five states and two countries, on rock, ice, and snow. Here are their favorites.

  • PetzlTikka_26235.jpg

    New and Notable: Petzl TIKKA XP² - Gear Guide 2010

    The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and no one nails details better than Petzl. Here, Petzl, which in 1973 brought to market the first modern mountaineering headlamp, continues to push forward with headlamp tech, producing the TIKKA XP2. This unit has all the basics in place: it’s lightweight (3.1oz, with batteries)...

  • Headlamp Review - No 216 - November 2002

    One LED will easily run for over 100 hours off of three fresh AA alkaline batteries.