Singing Rock Rhythm - Sport Harness Review


Singing Rock Rhythm,
$45, 13 ounces
Overall grade: B+
Summary: The Rhythm delivers a lot of utility for its $45 price tag. Adjustable leg loops for the thick-legged crowd, molded gear loops, and a reasonable amount of comfort make this rig the steal of the test. The harness’s utility does come at a bit of a cost, however. A little more padding would have been nice, but that probably would have bumped the harness out of the weight class. The gear loops, while easy to clip and rack on, were canted at an awkward angle. When we climbed on rock overhanging 20 degrees or more, the draws lined up well, but at a more relaxed angle they crowded into the loops’ steeply angled baskets. Not available at test time was the Rock&Lock buckle system on both the leg loops and the swami, which should make the harness very easy to put on while wearing crampons or skis, a feature that will expand this rig’s utility further.
Singing Rock/Liberty Mountain: (888) 902-5462,

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