Wild Country Helix Ziplock - Sport Harness Review


Wild Country Helix Ziplock,
$60, 14 ounces
Overall grade: A-
Summary: The Helix is your best bet if you’re looking to mix sport climbing with more all-around fare, thanks to its five gear loops and full-strength haul loop. This lithe rig also strikes a good balance between movement and comfort, thanks to its well-padded, hip-contouring swami and tapered leg loops. The Ziplock speed buckle is simple to use and adjusts with ease. Our only real complaints concerned the elastic riser straps, which run through a single slot in their detachable buckle and are very difficult to adjust; and the gear loops, which, while plentiful, are old-school tubes.
Wild Country/Excalibur: (801) 942-8471, www.wildcountry.co.uk

The Test Results

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Wild Country Helix Ziplock


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