November 2011 - 300


LEGACY: Four icons of climbing speak out on heroes, ethics, the Olympic Games, and the future of the sport.
By Jeff Achey

PRO-SPECTIVE: If you could only do one climb before you died, what would it be?

GEAR HALL OF FAME: The editors pick their favorite, time-tested ice tools, pro, clothing, and more.
By Julie Ellison

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN: Six great crags that changed American climbing forever.
By Amanda Fox


300 issues and counting...

Greg Epperson has been shooting for Climbing for 25 years. Here, the best of the best.

Best of Tech Tips
Twenty-three must-know skills, from big walls to indoor walls

Face Off
If sticky rubber squared off against PBR, which would come out on top in climbers' hearts?


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