• 2/24/15 - Continuing his extraordinary season in the Chaltén massif of Patagonia, the Canadian climber Marc-André Leclerc soloed the Corkscrew Route on Cerro Torre, linking the southeast ridge to the upper west face via an exposed traverse over the enormous south face of the spire. Read More

  • "I saw this guy rapping off Intersection Rock in Joshua Tree. His rope didn't reach the ground, but it was long enough to reach a big ledge most people walk off. I didn’t think much of it. He looked like he was going pretty fast though, so I stopped to see what he was doing. He was about to pass the ledge and was coming to the end of his rope when I yelled, 'Stop! Hey! Your rope's not on the ground!' My buddies quickly chimed in. He stopped just in time to swing to the ledge and not rap off the end of his rope, which wasn’t knotted." Read More

  • The 12th annual “Mountain Gear Presents: Red Rock Rendezvous” (RRR) rock climbing festival will give participants an opportunity to climb with the world’s best professional rock climbers in a unique venue at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, Nev., Friday through Sunday, March 27-29. The event will host 45 professional rock climbers from the North Face, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Petzl, Blue Water, Five Ten, Metolious and Osprey. Athletes will coach festival participants in half-day climbing clinics designed to improve intermediate and advanced rock climbing and mountain biking skills. Read More

  • The Ecuadoran-Swiss mountain runner Karl Egloff has reportedly set a bold new mark for the ascent and descent of Aconcagua. Read More

  • As he winds up a short trip to Spain, Sachi Amma of Japan can look back on one of the greatest stretches of redpointing in sport climbing history. In less than three weeks, Amma, 25, has done six routes 5.14d or harder, including two 9a+ (5.15a) routes and his first 9b (5.15b). Read More


    AAC Backs Four Cutting-Edge Expeditions

    2/12/15 - The American Alpine Club has named four recipients of its annual Lyman Spitzer Cutting Edge Awards, a grant for small teams attempting bold first ascents. Read More


  • The Wright Stuff: What Valley Uprising Missed

    For me, part of the allure of Yosemite climbing is its rich and diverse history and the fact that, if you are dedicated and obsessed enough, you might just get to add to it. So, because I love Yosemite and its rich tradition of motley but masterful misfits, I have assembled a timeline of what are, in my opinion, key moments that “Valley Uprising” missed. Read More

  • Semi-Rad: Do You Want Some Beta?

    OK, if you step up on that right foot, then reach up with the left hand, there’s a good sidepull. Feel it? No, it’s up higher. A little higher. Your hand should be on it. OK, yeah, it’s not that great, you’re right. You can get a full pad of all your fingers on it, can’t you? OK, no, you’re right, maybe three of them. Not full pads, just tips. Anyway, it’s good. I mean, it’s pretty good. Yeah, so pull on that, transfer your weight to your right foot, and just over that little mini-roof on your right is a crimp. You really have to stretch for it, but it’s up there. That’s it. Read More

  • Ask Answer Man: Why Can't I Boulder Shirtless With a Beanie?

    Answer Man answers your burning questions about climber etiquette, customs, and values. This time: shirtless bouldering, crag littering, and gear maintenance. Read More