Piolets d'Or for Caldwell and Honnold

    3/5/15 - The 23rd annual Piolets d’Or is shaking things up and announcing the recipients of the annual prizes for alpinism in advance, including Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold. Read More

  • 2/4/15 - After more than a week of steady snowfall, Alex Krull and Austin Porzak skied the right side of the First Flatiron, the landmark slab formation above Boulder, Colorado, on March 1. Read More

  • "We saw a smiling belayer that was taking pictures with a tablet. He was holding the device above his head with the rope still in his brake hand. I wonder, in the case of a fall, if his reflexes would make him save the tablet or the leader." Read More

  • Nearly 40 years after they made the first real attempts to free-climb El Capitan, Mark Hudon and Max Jones are ticking El Cap routes once again and aiming for in-a-day routes and the big prize: an all-free ascent. Read More

  • 2/24/15 - Continuing his extraordinary season in the Chaltén massif of Patagonia, the Canadian climber Marc-André Leclerc soloed the Corkscrew Route on Cerro Torre, linking the southeast ridge to the upper west face via an exposed traverse over the enormous south face of the spire. Read More

  • "I saw this guy rapping off Intersection Rock in Joshua Tree. His rope didn't reach the ground, but it was long enough to reach a big ledge most people walk off. I didn’t think much of it. He looked like he was going pretty fast though, so I stopped to see what he was doing. He was about to pass the ledge and was coming to the end of his rope when I yelled, 'Stop! Hey! Your rope's not on the ground!' My buddies quickly chimed in. He stopped just in time to swing to the ledge and not rap off the end of his rope, which wasn’t knotted." Read More


  • Is Your Climbing Trip Worth the Drive? Do the Math

    How much climbing do you need to do to justify a road trip? For weekend warriors, calculating whether it’s worth the time, gas money, and neglected chores to drive to a distant crag can be a tough assignment. Fortunately, there are formulas for that. Read More

  • Are You a Real Rock Climber?

    There are a lot of gumbies these days that call themselves rock climbers, but only climb in the gym. That’s bullshit. They’re not real rock climbers, and we all know it. Or are they? They do ascend rock-like surfaces using only their strength and cunning to overcome gravity. But it’s not rock. It’s plastic. On the other hand, some of the world’s best competition climbers rarely touch real rock, and there’s no question that the ones that top the podium are climbers, right? So let’s settle this once and for all. What’s actually rock climbing? Read More

  • Re-Gram: Show Us Your #SummitPhoto

    We want to see your summit photo! Post a picture on Instagram and tag it with #summitphoto. If your photo is among our favorites, we'll contact you about featuring it in an upcoming issue of our print edition. No Instagram account? No problem. Email us. Read More