• I walked along the base of a sandstone wall 30 feet from the chocolate milk–like water of the Colorado River, looking up and hoping to see a decent line that went anywhere above 50 feet. Alas, the Grand Canyon is a tough place for a climber—tons of rock everywhere for almost a vertical mile above the river for 280 straight river miles, and most of it pure choss—which is why most people don’t go there to climb. Read More

  • Competition speed climbs can't possibly get much faster than this. Saturday at the SCS National Championships, John Brosler set a new U.S. speed climbing record by climbing the 10 meter route in 3.95 seconds (video below). The race was decided by hundredths of a second, with the Russian Stanislav Kokorin finishing the route in four seconds flat. Read More

  • 4/6/14 - On the night before her 19th birthday, Delaney Miller successfully defended her title at the SCS Nationals in California. Brad Weaver won the men's national lead climbing championship. Read More

  • 1115 feet of vertical ice would be a full day for most climbers. On Crack Baby (IV WI 6), Dani Arnold did it in just 25 minutes and 13 seconds. The Swiss alpinist and mountain guide set the speed record for the route on March 9, 2014. Read More

  • 4/2/14 - Mike Brumbaugh, Rob Pizem, and Andy Raether freed two lines in the Temple of Sinawava area of Zion National Park in late March: an old Jim Beyer aid route called Datura, and a new free route just to its right. Both routes ascend the left wall near the start of the Narrows, and both were 900 feet long and went free at 5.12–. Read More

  • We're announcing our most-exciting evolution to date: Starting today, we'll be distributing all content by a far more efficient means: Fax. Read More