• Reader Photo Contest

    Send us a photo of your favorite day climbing and you could win a Climbing mag t-shirt, beanie, or another cool piece of climbing gear. Read More

  • Pro Climber Marijuana Survey

    Today more than half the states in the US tolerate marijuana use in some form. We surveyed a panel of pro climbers to get their take on its place in training and our sport. Read More

  • Flowchart: Should You Try That Route?

    Rock climbing is hard—and often scary. That’s why it’s fun. But sometimes it’s difficult just to get up the courage to get on the wall and off the ground. Some routes have legitimate reasons for you to be hesitant, like loose rock, bad gear, and questionable falls. Other routes are fine, but our brains forget that we’re attached to a rope, and that what we’re doing is actually pretty safe. Follow this handy chart to find out if your fear is because of real danger or if you need to start climbing and stop being a wimp. Read More