• "Her mother was 'belaying' by holding the rope tight with her bare hands, and the girl had the Grigri clipped to her harness with the rope running through it." Read More


    Tragedy Follows First Ascent in Nepal

    November 23, 2015 - Montana climber Justin Griffin was killed on November 14 while descending with Skiy DeTray from a new route on 21,463-foot Tawoche in Nepal’s Khumbu region. Read More


    Magnificent New Route in India

    November 20, 2015 - In one of the year’s most impressive big-mountain climbs, a Slovenian-American-French quartet has made the first ascent of the east face of Cerro Kishtwar (6,173m/20,253’) in northern India. Read More


    Ueli Steck Takes Back Eiger Speed Record

    November 18, 2015 - Swiss speedster Ueli Steck has reclaimed the speed record for the north face of the Eiger, climbing the ca. 5,500-foot face in 2 hours 22 minutes 50 seconds, about five minutes faster than the old record. Steck climbed the classic 1938 route (Heckmair Route) on November 16, enjoying superb conditions. Read More

  • "When I was halfway up our route, I noticed that their toprope was running directly through the bolt hanger. One of their pre-teen kids was climbing the route." Read More

  • November 16, 2015 - Dani Andrada has redpointed Chilam Balam in Villanueva del Rosario, Spain, completing the fourth ascent of the 80-meter route. Read More


  • Re-Gram: Show Us Your #ClimbingStrength

    Us climbers are a strong bunch. We grow impressive muscles as a side effect of hours spent yanking ourselves up sheer cliffs and training in the gym. Weird, right? Do you have a photo that shows off your climber strength? We want to see! One finger front levers. Forearms that would scare a child. Some kind of weird Rocky-style workout that involves cramping on frozen slabs of beef in a meat locker. Anything that shows off your strength is fair game. Read More

  • Sponsored: Show Off Your Grip Strength Contest

    Submit a photo showing off your climber grip strength in a creative way for the chance to win a full set of Grip Pro finger-hand-forearm trainers! Read More

  • Re-Gram: Show Us Your #CragCat

    Crag dogs get all the love, but what about the climber cat lovers? We know there are a small handful of you out there that bring your cat to the crag. And it makes perfect sense. Cats are natural climbers. Left to their own devices, cats will always end up at the highest point in any room. Bookshelves, TVs, cabinets. These are prime sleeping locations for a cat. So it's only natural that they'd feel home at the crag, among their own kind, climbers. Read More