• September 4, 2015 - American John Brosler, 18, won a silver medal in speed climbing at the World Youth Championships in Italy today. Read More

  • 2015 has been a big year for climbing. There was that little Dawn Wall thing with Tommy and Kevin’s heroics launching them into mainstream consciousness to the delight and bewilderment of newscasters everywhere. There was the loss of Dean Potter one of the climbing world's biggest and most influential personalities. It was a year that saw our sport get major play across the country, and our pals down the road at Reel Rock were there with front row seats to all the action. Read More

  • August 31, 2015 - Ashima Shiraishi won a gold medal in bouldering in her age group at the World Youth Championship in Arco, Italy, today, while Margo Hayes won silver in her own group. Read More

  • "The belayer had been feeding out slack by holding down the Grigri's cam, but he didn’t release it when his climber fell." Read More

  • August 31, 2015 - British climbers Jacob Cook, Dave MacLeod, and Calum Muskett traveled to Norway to free climb Disco 2000, a 13-pitch route on Store Blamman's north face. MacLeod has produced a video with amazing footage of the climb. Read More


    Climb of the Week: Two Karakoram First Ascents

    August 30, 2015 - The most inspiring climbs reported this week came at the hands of Scott Bennett, Steve Swenson, and Graham Zimmerman, who climbed two major first ascents in Pakistan. Read More


  • Flowchart: Should You Try That Route?

    Rock climbing is hard—and often scary. That’s why it’s fun. But sometimes it’s difficult just to get up the courage to get on the wall and off the ground. Some routes have legitimate reasons for you to be hesitant, like loose rock, bad gear, and questionable falls. Other routes are fine, but our brains forget that we’re attached to a rope, and that what we’re doing is actually pretty safe. Follow this handy chart to find out if your fear is because of real danger or if you need to start climbing and stop being a wimp. Read More

  • Re-Gram: Show Us Your #ClimbingTrip

    Do you have a photo that reminds you of your favorite climbing trip? We want to see! Read More

  • Interview: Joshua Reinig on Restoring Half Dome

    This summer, Yosemite Valley gave the climbing world a sharp reminder that the rocks we climb aren’t permanent when the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome fell off. Not the whole route, but a key section of pitches 11 and 12, rendering the classic line impassable. Less than a month later, California natives Joshua Reinig and Howard Ballou reconnected the dots. We spoke to Reinig about the experience. Read More