ABS 15 Youth National Championship Results

3/5/14 - Upside-down, back to the wall, hanging from her heels like a bat. That's how Sidney Trinidad topped out in the American Bouldering Series (ABS) youth semi-finals, before going on to win her division. The ABS Youth National Championship took place this past weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where 366 climbers, ages 6 to 19, competed. Defending champion Ashima Shiraishi also had a strong showing, leading all three rounds and winning her fifth consecutive Nationals. The weekend featured some interesting, non-traditional problems, including some with parkour-type starts and downclimbing sections, like the previously mentioned bat-hang finish. Below are the top five finishers in each division.

Female Junior (Born 1996 or 1995)
1. Kyra Condie
2. Kerry Scott
3. Zoe Leibovitch
4. Delaney Miller
5. Sara Sternick

Male Junior (Born 1996 or 1995)
1. Sean Bailey
2. Dominic Labarge
3. Nicholas Milburn
4. Zach Larson
5. Andrew Nimmer

Female Youth-A (Born 1998 or 1997)
1. Megan Mascarenas
2. Claire Bresnan
3. Margo Hayes
4. Claire Buhrfeind
5. Lily Canavan

Male Youth-A (Born 1998 or 1997)
1. Nathaniel Coleman
2. Brendan Mitchell
3. Solomon Barth
4. Dalton Bunker
5. Matthew Rube

Female Youth-B (Born 2000 or 1999)
1. Sidney Trinidad
2. Cierra Graham
3. Audrey Miller
4. Kara Herson
5. Katie Vanesko

Male Youth-B (Born 2000 or 1999)
1. Kai Lightner
2. Lucas Kepl
3. Brett Walker
4. Michael Whitley
5. Stasio Gauza

Female Youth-C (Born 2002 or 2001)
1. Ashima Shiraishi
2. Brooke Raboutou
3. Isabel Barrientos
4. Ravelle Nelson
5. Ariana O'Brien

Male Youth-C (Born 2002 or 2001)
1. Mirko Caballero
2. Dylan Duregger
3. Corbin Miley
4. Joe Goodacre
5. Zachary Richardson

Female Youth-D (Born 2003 or later)
1. Jessica Fecanin
2. Campbell Sarinopoulos
3. Phoebe Wong
4. Nekaia Sanders
5. Quinn Mason

Male Youth-D (Born 2003 or later)
1. Colin Duffy
2. Jason Wills
3. Ethan Rogers
4. Le Evans
5. Zachary Blue

1. Team ABC (641 points)
2. Team Texas (568 points)
3. Vertical World (451 points)
4. MetroRock (409 points)
5. Zero Gravity (395 points)

Also, just announced, the 2015 ABS competition will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. Open National Championships will be Feb 5-6, followed by the Youth National Championships on Feb 12-14.

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Previous Comments

Also want to give a shot out to the FYA (15-16 year old) girls who competed in this year's Open Nationals and took 3 out of the 6 top spots. They put on a great show - so fun to watch the live stream! An amazingly talented group, and they dominated in their very first year of climbing against the big "kids."

H. Temple - 03/06/2014 9:03:51

There was a total of 366 climbers who participated in the Youth ABS Championship with 116 advancing to semi-finals and 104 advancing to finals.

K.Mitchell - 03/05/2014 11:19:24

Up-and-coming, Lucas Kepl (MY-B) may be one to watch. As I understand, he climbs out of Seattle (Vertical World?). Looks like he won at Divisionals. The buzz is at 13 he was one of the youngest competitors in his category at Nationals. Could this really be his FIRST Bouldering season? Good luck to all the young climbers!

J. Johnstone - 03/05/2014 10:18:47