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  • Man Found Dead at Boulder Climbing Gym

    On Monday, January 27, a climber was declared dead after being found unresponsive at the Boulder Rock Club, according to the Daily Camera, a news outlet in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Access Fund Announces 2013 Sharp End Award Winners

    Annually, the Access Fund rewards the individuals, organizations, and businesses that exceed expectations in their efforts to maintain the climbing environment.

  • Mirko-Caballero-Meadowlark-Lemon-V13

    Caballero Sends Meadowlark Lemon Stand (V13) in Red Rock

    1/6/14 - The not-quite-13-year-old Mirko Caballero has climbed his second V13 with the stand start to Meadowlark Lemon. (The sit start is the V15 that Paul Robinson established.)

  • Nine-year-old Angie Scarth-Johnson stands a little over 4 feet tall but has redpointed 5.13d. Photo by Simon Carter /

    What's Next for 9-Year-Old Angie Scarth-Johnson?

    12/31/13 - When 9-year-old Australian girl Angie Scarth-Johnson redpointed Swingline at the Red River Gorge in November, she became the youngest person ever to climb 5.13d.

  • Climbers-Against-Cancer-Golden-Piton-158

    Golden Pitons 2013 - Community

    Englishman John Ellison was diagnosed with cancer in late 2011 and given only a few years to live. Ellison had been judging climbing comps for about a decade, and at the world championships in Paris, nearly a year after his diagnosis, he had an epiphany: The climbing community was like a vast and yet very close family.

  • Jimmy-Webb-Future-Trippin-V13-158

    Golden Pitons 2013 - Bouldering

    From the Deep South last winter to Europe in the spring, and then on to South Africa in the summer and Colorado in the fall, Jimmy Webb seemed to be everywhere and climbing everything, usually in blazing speed.

  • Daniel-Woods-Nest-158

    Woods Makes V15 First Ascent, Webb Quickly Follows Suit

    12/19/13 - Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of The Nest in Red Rock, Nevada, calling it V15.

  • Gabriele-Moroni-Insanity-of-Grandeur-158

    V15 Ascents at Fontainebleau, Chironico

    12/9/13 - Italy's Gabriele Moroni has climbed his first V15 with Insanity of Grandeur in Chironico, Switzerland.

  • Daniel-Woods-Meadowlark-Lemon-158

    Woods, Webb: Back-to-Back Ascents of Meadowlark Lemon (V15)

    12/9/13 - Just two days apart, Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb grabbed consecutive ascents of Paul Robinson's Meadowlark Lemon (V15) in Red Rock, Nevada.

  • Daniel-Woods-Defying-Gravity-V15-158

    Defying Gravity: Woods Establishes V15 in Colorado

    11/21/13 - Daniel Woods has claimed his 19th (that's right, 19th) V15 boulder problem with the first ascent of the aptly named Defying Gravity.

  • Dragon Turns

    Amputee Ronnie Dickson Boulders V9

    11/15/13 - Ronnie Dickson, a 26-year-old above-knee amputee from Florida, sent Dragon's Turn (V9) in the Shawangunks of New York after three days of effort. The problem was Dickson's hardest yet, and he is believed to be the second leg amputee in the U.S. to boulder V9, after Craig DeMartino.

  • Pat Ament on Overhanging Hand Traverse, Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, around 1970.

    Ament Named to Boulder Sports Hall of Fame

    10/15/13 - Pat Ament, one of the leaders of 1960s bouldering and free climbing in America, was inducted into the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame in late September. Ament, 67, entered the hall of fame along with cyclist Dale Stetina, runner Steve Jones, and triathlete Joanne Ernst.