Central Italy's Hardest Sport Route?

Gianluca Daniele powers though the steeps of Grandi Gesti (5.14d/9a), in the Areonauta Cave, Sperlonga, Italy. Photo by Fabiano Ventura /fabianoventura.it. Click here for more photos of Grandi Gesti by Fabiano Ventura

On January 11, Gianluca Daniele, of Rome, has linked the most difficult moves of three existing routes (from 5.13c to 5.14a) in the Areonauta Cave, Sperlonga, Italy, to create Grandi Gesti. If confirmed, his proposed grade of 5.14d would make Grandi Gesti the most difficult sport route in Central Italy. The all-natural climb offers few rests through its sustained roofs and includes a new, six-move crux in addition to the crux sections of Super Daytona (5.13c), Piccoli Gesti (5.14a), and Invidia (5.14a).

Daniele has ticked several other hard lines in the Areonauta cave including Ciccio Formaggio (5.14b). 

Date of Ascent: January 11, 2009 

Source: Fabiano Ventura / fabianoventura.it, Planetmountain.com, 8a.nu

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Gianluca Daniele climbing Grandi Gesti (9a) on YouTube.com


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