Denali Solo in January

Lonnie Dupre at the Kahiltna Glacier landing strip, ready to start his third attempt on Denali in winter.

1/11/12 - Minnesotan Lonnie Dupre has flown into the Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska to start his third attempt at soloing 20,320-foot Denali in winter. Over the past two winters, Dupre has attempted North America's highest peak twice in midwinter. In 2011 he was pinned at the 17,200-foot high camp a week before giving up his bid for the summit. Last year storms stopped him lower on the mountain.

Denali has been climbed fewer than 10 times in winter, and only once in January, by a three-man Russian team. Six people have died in winter attempts.

Dupre is toting about 225 pounds of gear and supplies in a pack and sled he tows with 14-foot poles designed to keep him out of crevasses.

“The experience you gain from each expedition and climb significantly reduces the risk because you understand the route more intimately and can fine tune your equipment accordingly," Dupre said. "So, this year Iʼm more confident because Iʼm traveling lighter and more efficiently. Now itʼs up to the weather!”

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Good Luck !!!

Bob Kolar - 01/28/2015 4:37:33

This guy is crazy and he's climbing Denali regardless but they started a kickstarter program that can help curb some of his cost while giving people insights on how Lonnie thinks about mountaineering. check it out

Dan P - 01/12/2013 6:48:28