From Dirt Grows the Flowers (V15) Sees Another Repeat


Rob Klancnik on the infamous mantel moves of From Dirt Grows the Flowers (V15).

3/5/13 - Rok Klančnik, a 27-year-old Slovenian climber, recently repeated Dave Graham's From Dirt Grows the Flowers (V15) in Chironico, Switzerland. This is his first of the grade. (Watch the video below of an earlier attempt.)

Graham first climbed the problem in March 2005. (Earlier that year, he also climbed The Story of Two Worlds, a V15 he then called the "new standard" for the grade.) From Dirt sat unrepeated for four years, until Austrian climber Bernd Zangerl nabbed the second ascent in March 2009. Paul Robinson, Adam Ondra, and Nalle Hukkataival all have climbed From Dirt Grows the Flowers.

Klančnik worked the problem over the course of three to four years, he told "At the start I wasn't sure I could do it, but... Well, I can say good work Dave, and keep up with hard climbs! Some of his lines are really amazing, and so is his climbing."


Date of ascent: March 2, 2013

From dirt grows flowers 8c / FAIL from GRTA Studios | Rok Klančnik on Vimeo.

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