Gear Shop Turns to Social Media After $1,000 Boots Stolen

4/26/13 - The Neptune Mountaineering gear shop in Boulder has appealed to the social media community for help after a man walked out of the store with a pair of boots without paying for them.

The shop released security footage on its Facebook page of a man wearing a pair of La Sportiva Olympus Mons Evo boots (size 44.5), who walked up to the front counter to pay cash for a Clif Shot Blok, and then walked out of the store. The boots are made for climbing 8,000-meter peaks, and retail for almost $1,000. Neptune is offering a $300 gift certificate to anyone with accurate information regarding the man.

Neptune-Mountaineering-Sportiva-Boots-TheftNeptune's general manager, James Fulton, called the police to report the incident, and then posted the note and video on Facebook in hopes of collecting leads and information from the community. The REI in Denver revealed that they had experienced a similar theft the day before, when a man walked out with a pair of La Sportiva Nepal Evo boots (size 44) that retail for $510.

The community responded in large to the post, with about 300 Facebook "shares" and more than 100 comments, as of Friday afternoon.

Date of theft: April 25, 2013

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Previous Comments

Really, its the stores fault? Because someone acted in an anti social manner. Its like the idiots whom (read journaistssss) when they blame in animate objects. For example. "An SUV killed for people today!...." nothing about the driver, or the injured. In this case. Lets say the store was totally at fault. Still they incurred a $1000.00 loss. Where does that come from? It comes as store overhead, business costs. Which are part of the costs, and if they want to stay in business, its added to your bill. Or mine, if I shop there. Theft of all kinds, stealing time from work, stealing food at the grocers, etc. Or the stealing of towels, robes etc from Hotels. It ends up on you bill. Or the store, business goes out of business. More important to me is the cost(s) to us as a society. If its okay to take from A, why no B... and then nothing is off limits. No, honest customers are the ones you want back. NOT TAKERS!. reasons for theft are all hollow. If you don't have enough self respect to do what is right. Then, it's your bad!... and more importantly thieves pay in the end.

Pontvertshopper - 09/30/2013 12:52:57

The point is that Neptune is a business owned by a person. Should that person accept that $1000.00 was just stolen from he/she? Hell no. Just because somebody steals from someone richer than you doesn't make it right. Trying to catch a thief is justified! Climbing Magazine is letting other retailers in the industry know that somebody is hitting stores systematically.

Steve Jones - 06/24/2013 7:20:11

These employees are not good at their jobs, that's all. We have no reason to feel bad for these people. Train your employees better. I worked in high-end footwear sales for years. If I left someone's side, I said to the other employees on the sales floor "Hey, I'm going to grab him that shoe in a half-size up, can you watch him in case he needs anything while I'm gone?" That way, when he stands up, co-workers will walk over, clean up the mess of shoes boxes, and ask him if he wants to take a look around for anything else or if he just wants to stick with the $1000 pair of shoes he wearing on his feet. The employee shown in the video should have been aware of what was happening in the transaction even if he wasn't helping the fellow, not only for loss prevention reasons, but because that is how you make a good sales atmosphere.

Matthew Meyers - 05/01/2013 4:09:37

Natapotamus, that's a great suggestion. I bet you're right. I sure hope they find them.

Benn - 04/29/2013 6:27:59

Benn, I totally agree with you, complete ignorance with that comment. Maybe Neptune can try looking on, or craigslist, I bet he is reselling them.

Natapotamus - 04/28/2013 5:55:16

Pardon me, I meant the comment below, not comment above

Benn - 04/27/2013 5:39:59

The above comment is an excellent display of apathy and ignorance. This is not just about the boots. The climbing community has always had a friendly and trusting atmosphere, and this was taken advantage of. Sure they can write-off the loss, but this use of social media is a way perfect way to prohibit sending the message that stealing "just happens" or the unfortunate side affect of scrutinizing customers. Climbing did right to assist in this effort. Neptune is one of the best brick-and-mortar climbing stores in the country, and with such outfits going the way of the buffalo thanks to online retail, stealing a grand in inventory is certainly something to be concerned about.

Benn - 04/27/2013 5:38:39

Waaaa....Cry me a river! Better get the FBI on this one...seriousely, only in Boulder would this be news...and only Climbing Magazine would deem something as silly as this as news. Sack up and take the loss Neptune, you think your the only business in America that suffers from theft? Are you that naive? Maybe Neptune should take this as one "$1000- bitter" pill and an employee should get fired? Was the employee who assisted this guy trying them on stoned? You never just walk away from that...uhhhh...hello?!? $1000 La Sportiva's.... keep your gaurd up and watch the guy, ask questions!!! Sounds like employee incompetence was at fault here, this world is full of thieves... any sound buisness owner knows that. I guarantee there is no way in hell you can go into a Gucci store and "literaly" walk out with a $1000 pair of shoes on...

Lafayette de Cat Poop - 04/27/2013 2:21:27