German Woman Makes 8c Redpoint in Frankenjura

Sarah Seeger on Steinbock (8c or 5.14b), Frankenjura, Germany. Photo by Ricarda Miller /

News link: Sarah Seeger has redpointed Steinbock (8c) and is the first woman to climb a route of this grade in the Frankenjura — Germany's most famous, steep and tiny-pocketed limestone mecca. Steinbock is a Markus Bock route from 2008 and has been confirmed at the 8c grade by Iker Pou (who made the second ascent) and Adam Ondra.

Before this noteworthy ascent Seeger had climbed several routes almost as hard like: Ronin (8b+/8c), which is also in the Frankenjura, and King of the Bongo (8b+/8c) at Rottachberg, Germany. It is estimated that there are roughly only 16 women who have climbed routes 8c or harder.

Date of Ascent: October 3rd, 2009

Sources: Ricarda Miller,,,,

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