Gobat Smith Achieves Another 8b+

Executing the last deadpoint move on Blood Meridian (8b+ or 5.14a), Milford Sound, New Zealand. / Photo by Max Farr

News link: New Zealand climber Mayan Gobat Smith recently achieved another 8b+ (5.14a) during a month-long trip to Milford Sound, a fjord located on the southwest coast of NZ's South Island. Milford Sound, whose annual rainfall of almost 270 inches marks it as one of the wettest places on the planet, is known for its stunning beauty and, among climbers, high quality granite.

On the last day of the trip, Smith succeeded in sending Blood Meridian. “It made me work very hard,” Smith writes in her blog. “I almost thought I would have to return to Christchurch without the send.” Not only did this mark the route's third ascent, but Smith also grabbed the first female ascent. In the past seven months, Smith has completed five routes at 8b+ or harder.

Other notable ascents include:

*L’arcademicien (8c) Ceuse, France
*Geminis (8b+) Rodellar, Spain
*Shadowland (8a; FFA) Darrans, New Zealand
*Colisium (8a) Rodellar, Spain

For more photos and achievements, visit her blog at mayanclimbs.com

Date of Ascent: March 2010

Source: Mayan Gobat Smith



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