Hard Sends and Projects at Utah’s Wailing Wall

Daniel Woods on Unforgivable (5.14b/c) at the Wailing Wall in southwestern Utah. Courtesy of Joekindkid.com.

News Link: A crew of strong climbers based out of St. George, Utah, has been sending hard at the Wailing Wall. Daniel Woods got the first ascent of a Joe Kinder project called Unforgivable, redpointing the route on just his second try; Kinder soon made the second ascent. Woods called it 5.14b/c, but Kinder believes it’s 5.14c. 

Meanwhile, Woods and Jon Cardwell both sent Schlachthaus Fünf (“Slaughterhouse Five”), a 5.14b/c first climbed by Andy Raether in 2005. With a broken hold in the crux, both thought the route might now be 5.14c. 

Now the game is really on: The link-up of Unforgivable into Schlachthaus Fünf into is expected to be at least 9a (5.14d) and possibly much harder. 

See more photos and commentary at Joe Kinder’s blog.  

Dates of Ascents: March-April 2009 

Sources: Joekindkid.com, 8a.nu

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