Hensley, McColl Are North American Champs

Competing at the North American Climbing Championships in Montreal. Photo by Daniel Belle-Isle. To see more photos, click here.

American Tiffany Hensley and Canadian Sean McColl were crowned North American champions on Sunday, concluding a three-day competition in Montreal. More than 200 youth and adult climbers from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico competed in lead and speed climbing at the Horizon Roc gym. Adult winners in lead and speed climbing qualify automatically for many international competitions. 

McColl, the year’s most successful North American competitor on the international stage, dominated the men’s lead final, in which climbers from all three countries made the podium. The women’s final was much closer, with Hensley, Paige Claassen, and Emily Harrington all flashing the semi and just one hold separating the three in the final round. 

Among youth climbers, the lead climbing champs were: 

Juniors: Michael Foley (USA) and Elizabeth Broun (USA)
Youth A: Michael Bautista (USA) and Sasha Digiulian (USA
Youth B: Julian Bautista (USA) and Michaela Kiersch (USA) 

In speed climbing, Canadian men swept the podium, with John Bowles taking the gold. Among the women, Mykael Ann McGinley from the U.S. was the speediest. 

For full results, visit Ifsc-climbing.org

North American Climbing Championships
Lead Climbing Final

1.   Sean McColl (CAN)
2.   Mauricio Huerta (MEX)
3.   Bret Johnston (USA)
4.   Zeb Engberg (USA)
5.   Brock Tilling (CAN) 

1.   Tiffany Hensley (USA)
2.   Paige Claassen (USA)
3.   Emily Harrington (USA)
4.   Victoria Cartwright (USA)
5.   Mélissa Lacasse (CAN) 

Dates of Comp: December 5-7, 2008 

Sources: Ifsc-climbing.org, Nacc08.ca

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