IFSC Boulder World Cup Innsbruck 2014 Results

5/19/14 - The fourth event in this year's IFSC Boulder World Cup series saw close competition and controversy. The men's finals were decided by a false start by Adam Ondra, leading Kilian Fischhuber to finish the event with one less attempt, giving him the win. Many viewers thought the call was made in error, believing both of Ondra's feet to be properly on the holds before moving on. A humble Ondra addressed the situation in a comment on 8a.nu:

"I grabbed the starting hold, put my left foot on the starting foothold, kicked with my right foot into an area where I expected to hit the foothold. I felt the impact. I thought that must have been the foothold and went for another move straight away. But I was warned by the judges that the start was not valid, as I didn't touch the foothold according to them.

"Even though it seemed to me that I did touch it, as it could have seemed from the livestream as well, I talked with more witnesses who could see very well that I did NOT touch it. No injustice happened to me, I just made a stupid mistake and that's it."

Check out Ondra's false start and all the hard climbing that went down in the full replay of the Innsbruck finals.

Women's Finals
1. Shauna Coxsey
2. Anna Stöhr
3. Akiyo Noguchi
4. Melissa Le Neve
5. Marine Thévenet

Men's Finals
1. Kilian Fischhuber
2. Adam Ondra
3. Rustam Gelmanov
4. Dmitrii Sharafutdinov
5. Guillaume Glairon Mondet

Women's Cumulative Rankings
1. Shauna Coxsey - 345 points
2. Anna Stöhr - 311 points
3. Akiyo Noguchi - 265 points
4. Juliane Wurm - 260 points
5. Alex Puccio - 190 points

Men's Cumulative Rankings
1. Dmitrii Sharafutdinov - 315 points
2. Jan Hojer - 314 points
3. Kilian Fischhuber - 234 points
4. Rustam Gelmanov - 174 points
5. Guillaume Glairon Mondet - 158

For a  full list of results and rankings, check out ifsc-climbing.org.


Previous Comments

The men's comp was basically a flash comp the whole way through. Even with 4 sends in 7 attempts wasn't good enough to get Sean McColl through to finals. And the finals also had Ondra and Fischuber send all 4 in 6 or 7 tries. Not hard enough.

Adrian - 05/20/2014 11:34:49

On czechclimbing.com there is a photo from spectator proving, that Ondra`s start was valid - both feet on structure. http://www.lezec.cz/clanek.php?key=11685&nazev=sp_innsbruck_-_bouldering http://www.lezec.cz/fotos/clanky14/c140518bbig.jpg Some people told Ondra judge was right, thus he did not protest and thought, that he made a mistake, but it`s not true.

xxx - 05/20/2014 6:05:59

Shauna had a similar situation when I was looking at the live stream - it's obviously easy to just rewind and see it happen, but I can understand it's incredibly frustrating on the spot, especially if the sequence is such that it makes sense not to have all your limbs on starting holds at the same time (which I think was the case with Shauna, she just didn't feel the need to put right hand on the starting hold when already going for the hold on the right). Innsbruck was a great comp though, really well done all around.

Frank - 05/20/2014 5:20:20

Only top 5 instead of 6, even though there are 6 competitors per gender taking part in a final..?

What's this? - 05/20/2014 4:53:59