Missing Climber Found After 32 Years In Ice

7/9/14 - On July 3, two Mont Blanc hikers stumbled upon the long-frozen body of Patrice Hyvert, a 23-year-old mountaineer who went missing on March 2, 1982 when he was trapped on the 15,781-foot mountain due to bad weather. Found at an elevation of 8,155 feet near the Couvercle mountain shelter, Hyvert's body was easily identified because not only was his corpse preserved in great condition because of the ice, but his identification card was still in his wallet.

More than 32 years ago, Hyvert, who was a Chamonix native and training to be a mountain guide, was attempting a solo ascent of the peak via the Nang Blanc glacier with plans to ski back down. His father speculates that he summited in bad weather and then chose to descend via another face, the Whymper corridor. As the snowfall got heavier, he couldn't go down any farther. On the same day that Hyvert went up, well-known mountaineer, BASE jumper, skier, and daredevil Jean-Marc Boivin was scaling the northern face of the Grands Charmoz peak and got caught in the same storm. Boivin was rescued alive, but search and rescuers were unable to locate Hyvert.

Hyvert's 82-year-old father, Gerard, was shocked at the news and unsettled that his son's body was removed. He told a local radio station, "I'm a mountain man, and I would have preferred him to stay up there. He was better on a mountain than in a coffin. He was in his element."


A view of the Mont Blanc massif from the Aiguille du Midi. Climbers go missing on the mountain every year.


Source: MSN News, Reuters


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Wymper corridor must be the Corridor going from Col de la Brenva down to the Grand Plareau..

Knut Toensberg - 07/11/2014 2:51:49

That's said that they took his body off the mountain. I agree with his father

Sesitz - 07/10/2014 4:55:17

If he descended the Whymper culoir, that's on the Aiguille Verte, not the Mt. Blanc. Serious confusion.

Michael Pupeza - 07/10/2014 4:25:23

Rain Maker; Hey Genius it seems perhaps you are one of the duller tools in the box. John Allen was engaging in sarcasm due to the superficial ambiguity of the title of the article.

Guarana Hernandez - 07/10/2014 3:32:03

John Allen, You obviously are not the "sharpest tool in the tool box" are you ? The title of the article reads "Missing Climber Found After 32 Years In Ice." No!!!!! He isn't OK!!!! They found his body frozen like a popsicle for the past 32 years. WHAT DO YOU THINK EINSTEIN ?????

Rain Maker - 07/09/2014 6:49:28

Wow, I hope he's OK.

John Allen - 07/09/2014 2:13:29