Photo Library: Colorado Climbing Areas Post-Flood

Many of the climbing areas across Colorado, including Boulder Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Eldorado Canyon State Park, and the Flatirons, have opened for recreation, resulting in a flux of photos showing the preservation and destruction from the flood. While some areas remained in tact, some came out of the flood with extensive damage.


The Bastille in Eldorado Canyon post-flood. Photo from Eldorado Canyon's Facebook page.


The descent trail from The Bastille remains in good condition. Photo from Eldorado Canyon's Facebook page.


Part of the volunteer group from Boulder Climbing Community working on the Streamside Trail in Eldorado Canyon. Photo from Eldorado Canyon's Facebook page.


One post-flood risk keeping areas of RMNP closed to recreation is the threat of mudslides. This mudslide swept the west side of Twin Sisters Peak. Photo from RMNP's Facebook Page.


The flooded Towhee Trail at the South Mesa Trailhead in Boulder, CO. Photo from the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Park gallery.


Some post-flood bouldering on Black Hatchet, in Boulder Canyon. Photo from


The eroded road leading to Flagstaff Trailhead. Photo from


Some boulder problems held on during the flooding, including The Amendment (V10-11) in Boulder Canyon. Photo from


Climbers return to opened areas in Colorado State Parks, like boulder problem The Box (V7) in RMNP. Photo from


Trail Ridge Road in RMNP is closed so that heavy equipment caravans can create a road base on the flood damaged roads. Photo from RMNP's Facebook page.


A popular boulder problem in the Flatirons, Black Ice (V10), ruined by the Colorado flood.



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Way to show people poaching closed USFS areas...maybe not the best idea if we're trying to get areas opened quickly...

CV - 10/18/2013 9:54:19

A good thread of first person updates and photos here: including some washout photos from Blob Rock.

be careful out there - 10/18/2013 8:28:21