Pure Power in Campusing Comp

No Foot (and World Cup) champion Alex Chabot campuses in the finals at Strasbourg.

Climbers from all over Europe tested the limits of their power at the No Foot Contest VI in Strasbourg, France. Held annually at the Rock en Stock climbing gym, this brutal event features a series of contests testing crimp, campusing, pull-up (one- and two-arm), and lock-off strength. The final round was a no-feet-allowed onsight lead on the gym´s impressively overhanging 60-foot cave.

World Cup champ Alex Chabot, climbing barefoot, took first place for the second year in a row, while 16-year-old French bouldering champion Cécile Weber took first in the women’s category. For more details on this unusual competition, visit http://escalade-alsace.ifrance.com/escalade-alsace/nfc/nfc6/nfc6_2005.html.

1. Alex Chabot
2. Jean Mawem
3. David Tass
3. Niels Krüger
5. Mickael Catenoz

1. Cécile Weber
2. Mélanie Sandoz
2. Elise Wilhelm
4. Marie Perinet
5. Bénédicte Amoux


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