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Read here about all the latest rock climbing news--the hardest redpoints, the most astonishing onsights, the wildest trad climbs, and the boldest solos. If it's a ground-breaking rock climb, we've got all the details.
  • HPUnbEdit

    Unbelayvable: The Amazing Mom Belay

    "I was climbing in the gym when I noticed a mom "belaying" her daughter nearby. Mom was holding the rope in her hands, pulling down slack without any form of mechanical assistance via tube-style device or Munter hitch as her daughter ascended the wall. I mentioned that she might consider getting a harness and belaying with a device, she told me she "wasn't tired" and that it was fine. Her kids weren't weightless three-year-olds, so we gave an employee a heads up. He said he disagreed with it, but there was some weird policy that allowed parents to belay how they wish, or something along those lines. A couple minutes later, we saw the same woman belaying both her daughter and her son at the same time with the same technique (see photo)."

  • HPRopeTangle

    Unbelayvable: Playing Catch With the Rope Mid-Route

  • Ethan Pringle bedded down for his first ever night in a portaledge. Photo by Cheyne Lempe.

    Ground-Up New Route on 1,000-foot Yosemite Wall

    9/18/14 - Cheyne Lempe and Ethan Pringle found a new line up the very steep north face of Higher Cathedral Rock in Yosemite Valley, only the second route up the 1,000-foot overhanging wall.

  • Kipras Baltrunas of Lithuania digs deep for his hang time of 1:22. Competitors can choose to hang with straight arms or locked off. Courtesy of Zlagboard.

    How Long Could You Hang On?

    9/17/14 - Ramón Julian Puigblanque not only took a silver medal in the lead climbing world championships last weekend, he also claimed a new world record in hangboard time. Julian clung to a pair of one-pad holds for 2 minutes 44.34 seconds to shatter the old record, set by Alex Megos earlier in September, by more than 30 seconds.

  • Silver medalist Ronnie Dickson competing in Spain. Photo by Josh Larson / Cold House Media (courtesy of Ronnie Dickson).

    U.S. Team Shines at Paraclimbing World Championship

    An American team of 14 men and women collected seven medals in the finals of the Paraclimbing World Championships, held in Gijón, Spain.

  • Alexander Megos on Geocache (5.14d?) in Germany's Frankenjura. Photo by Claudia Ziegler/

    New Route Takes Massive Effort—By Alex Megos Standards

    9/12/14 - Alexander Megos has done the first ascent of an open project called Geocache in the Frankenjura after six days of effort and more than 40 attempts. This is the most time the young German climber has ever spent on a project

  • HPYosy

    Photo Gallery: Yosemite's Wild Golden Days

    REEL ROCK’s much-anticipated feature-length film, “Valley Uprising,” brings us up close and personal with the legendary climbing history of Yosemite National Park, from the epic partying in Camp 4 to ranger run-ins to unbelievably bold first ascents. The following sneak preview will give you a glimpse into the evolution of the place and its people, including pioneers like Royal Robbins and Warren Harding, as well as present-day badasses Alex Honnold and Dean Potter.


    Unbelayvable: A $15 Grappling Hook From Amazon

    "Yesterday we met a 'climbing' party in RMNP with a grappling hook purchased from Amazon's ninja weapons department for $15."

  • The north face of Slesse Mountain. Green: East Pillar. Red: Navigator Wall. Yellow: Northeast Buttress. Blue: Southeast Buttress of South Summit. Photo courtesy of Marc-Andre Leclerc.

    Three Round Trips on Slesse's East Side in 12 Hours

    9/5/14 - Marc-Andre Leclerc has free-soloed three different routes on the east side of Slesse Mountain in British Columbia in a day, completing the round trip from his bivouac site in a little over 12 hours.

  • Nik Berry climbing the A3 Beauty pitch on Hooker in 2013. Photo by Dave Allfrey.

    Mt. Hooker Free For All

    8/28/14 - The 1,800-foot north face of Mt. Hooker is one of the most imposing and remote big walls in the Lower 48. This August it was the scene of three impressive free climbs.

  • Bran McCray on the classic Desert Gold (5.13a) in Red Rock, near his Las Vegas home. Photo courtesy of

    Fly'n Brian McCray Passes On

    8/25/14 - Brian McCray, a prolific big-wall and free climber, and founder and operator of Fly'n Brian's Resoles, has passed away.

  • Matthes Crest is a large granite fin that rises out of Toulumne Meadows with sheer 500 foot cliffs lining the ridge. Photo: jfdervin/Flickr;

    Yosemite Climber Killed From Fall After Proposing to Girlfriend

    8/20/14 - Truly sad news from Yosemite this past weekend, as a climber fell to his death only hours after proposing to his girlfriend on Saturday.