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Read here about all the latest rock climbing news--the hardest redpoints, the most astonishing onsights, the wildest trad climbs, and the boldest solos. If it's a ground-breaking rock climb, we've got all the details.
  • Semi-Rad: Climb Like A Kid Again

    I walked along the base of a sandstone wall 30 feet from the chocolate milk–like water of the Colorado River, looking up and hoping to see a decent line that went anywhere above 50 feet. Alas, the Grand Canyon is a tough place for a climber—tons of rock everywhere for almost a vertical mile above the river for 280 straight river miles, and most of it pure choss—which is why most people don’t go there to climb.

  • Rob Pizem chimneying past a wide roof crack on Datura. Rob Pizem Collection

    Sandy, Wide and Wild: Two New Free Routes in Zion

    4/2/14 - Mike Brumbaugh, Rob Pizem, and Andy Raether freed two lines in the Temple of Sinawava area of Zion National Park in late March: an old Jim Beyer aid route called Datura, and a new free route just to its right. Both routes ascend the left wall near the start of the Narrows, and both were 900 feet long and went free at 5.12–.

  • Liz and Rick Weber

    Help Give Muir Valley To The Climbing Community

    In 2003, climbers Rick and Liz Weber purchased the land that would become the Muir Valley climbing area in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. Ten year's later, the Weber's, now in their 70s, are raising money so they can donate the land to the climbing community.

  • Joe Kinder Sends Two-Year Utah Cave Project

  • Ueli Steck (top) and Michi Wohlleben on the north face of Cima West.

    Steck, Wohlleben Link Three Dolomite North Faces in Winter

    3/25/14 - Ueli Steck and Michi Wohlleben have enchanined the classic north faces of the Tre Cime in the Italian Dolomites in less than 16 hours. This is the first time the Italian mini–big walls have been climbed back-to-back in winter.

  • Courtesy of

    Sean Leary Killed in BASE Accident

    3/24/14 - Sean "Stanley" Leary died in a BASE-jumping accident in or near Zion National Park, Utah, on March 13. Leary was due home yesterday, and when he failed to return a search was organized.

  • Climber Falls 80 To 120 Feet in Eldorado Canyon

    Around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 19, rescue crews found a man, described as "college-aged," lying on the ground near Wind Tower in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado. He was wearing technical climbing gear, and officials said it wasn't clear what caused the fall or why his gear did not stop the fall. Sergeant Dave Booton of the Sheriff's Office says officials were estimating that he fell somewhere between 80 and 120 feet. Rocky Mountain Rescue took him to a nearby fire station where he was then airlifted by helicopter to St. Anthony Hospital in Denver.

  • Mark Hesse Died From Gym Fall

    3/12/14 - The Boulder County Coroner has ruled that longtime climbing activist and wilderness advocate Mark Hesse died from blunt trauma. Hesse, 63, was discovered unconscious in the back room of the Boulder Rock Club on a slow Monday in January.

  • Ammon McNeely in the Fisher Towers.

    Ammon McNeely Is Back in the Game

    2/27/14 - Only four months after a serious accident nearly cost his life, big-wall speed climber and BASE jumper Ammon McNeely is back at it, climbing and jumping from the Kingfsher in Utah's Fisher Towers.

  • Chris Sharma on First Round, First Minute.

    Ondra Repeats Sharma's First Round, First Minute

    2/4/14 - Adam Ondra has done the second ascent of First Round, First Minute at Margalef, Spain. The route was redpointed in April 2011 by Chris Sharma.

  • Climbing Activist Mark Hesse Dies at Boulder Rock Club

    Mark Hesse, a longtime Colorado climber, trail builder, and wilderness educator, died from unknown causes at the Boulder Rock Club on Monday. Hesse was found unresponsive beside the bouldering area in the back room of the rock gym.

  • Man Found Dead at Boulder Climbing Gym

    On Monday, January 27, a climber was declared dead after being found unresponsive at the Boulder Rock Club, according to the Daily Camera, a news outlet in Boulder, Colorado.