The Longest Climb - Part 3

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Well rested, well fed, well family feuded and well excited, it is time to hit 2010 running.

After far too much indulgence, and not nearly enough contact, let alone climbing, we have both let it slip somewhat over the festive period, and it is with a sense of courageous trepidation that we sit here, staring at the last 6 months until the day when Jonny and I will race against each other to set a new world record; to climb 8,848m, the height from sea level to the summit of Mount Everest, on an indoor wall. In the run up to Christmas, both of us made considerable gains in terms of strength and fitness, and despite undoubtably stuffing some (or most) of those gains into our fat little faces, not least Jonny who put himself out for the best part of the month with a 'dancing related' ankle injury that left him with crutches and and just a hint of embarrassment, we're champing at the bit, raring to get stuck in to our first session of the year on Thursday.

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Now that the challenge is no longer 'next year,' the urgency of the training schedule has hit home. We got ourselves to the point where we could summit the 12m wall 50 times in succession, or 600m, or 6.7% of the total distance. A marked improvement from the 5 we achieved at our first session back in october, but nevertheless a considerable way off the mark. To put it lightly. 170 days, or a little under 25 weeks remain. 75 training sessions. However I put it, it translates into a long way to go in what will very rapidly become not a very long time. Bring it on!

So this is just a quick one to say Happy New Year, and to wish everyone all the best for 2010. The general consensus is that it's going to be a good year. We're going to carry on in much the same way as we have done, with monthly updates here, and more regular news, blogs and videos on our various social networks, as detailed below. We are in the process of designing our website to look shiny and consolidate everything into one place, so look out for that, and please, please donate to our three worthy causes.

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This is all for charity and world record or no, it is all in vain unless we make a big pile of money for Amnesty International, HeartUK and Mountain Rescue England and Wales. Links can be found below to our three justgiving pages, and you can also donate via the website. We'd love to hear from you, too.

Let us know your climbing stories, and if you happen to climb at the Westway, give us a shout and come and say hello if you see us. If you don't climb at the Westway and live in should, it's great!

Have a good year everybody, I'm really looking forward to it.

Tom Lancaster
The longest Climber

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Thanks to the Westway Climbing Centre and to all for your support and generosity; £270 raised so far!


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