U.S. National Champs: Delaney Miller and Brad Weaver

4/6/14 - On the night before her 19th birthday, Delaney Miller successfully defended her title at the SCS Nationals in California. Brad Weaver won the men's national lead climbing championship.

Miller, Sasha DiGiulian, and Claire Buhrfeind  all topped out the women's final route at the Sender One gym in Santa Ana, but Miller, the only woman to flash a route in the qualifying round, ended the night with the highest point total.

Weaver, 25, finished seventh in the qualifying round, but was on fire on Saturday night. The Atlanta-based climber was the only man to flash the finals route.

Women's Finals
1. Delaney Miller
2. Sasha DiGiulian
3. Claire Buhrfeind
4. Chelsea Rude
5. Grace Mckeehan
6. Kyra Condie
7. Michaela Kiersch
8. Jacquelyn Wu
9. Angie Payne
10. Margo Hayes
11. Meagan Martin

Men's Finals
1. Brad Weaver
2. Noah Ridge
3. Robert D'Anastasio
4. Carlo Traversi
5. Matty Hong
6. Jon Cardwell
7. Daniel Woods
8. Vasya Vorotnikov

Full results are at scsnationals.org.

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SenderOne is in Santa Ana, not Santa Rosa

Rob - 04/07/2014 11:47:46