Wild Country Recalls Some Rocks

10/7/13 - Wild Country is issuing an immediate recall of certain batches of Wild Country Classic Rocks and Anodized Rocks. Here's the word from Wild Country in a press release issued today:

"If you own any Wild Country Classic Rocks and/or Anodized Rocks that were purchased any time from January 2010 onward, Wild Country would advise that you visit our website to check whether your product is from one of the affected batches. You can go direct to our Rocks Recall page here.

Martin Atkinson, managing director of Wild Country, outlined the reasons for the recall:

 “Following a recent failure in use of a Classic Rock, in which fortunately no injury occurred, we conducted an in-depth investigation and an extensive testing program. Following the testing of over 17,000 Rocks, we found some units that did not achieve their rated strength, which varies, depending upon the size, from 4kN to 12kN.  In a very small number of cases the failure load was below the unit's rated strength, and in some cases below 7kN,  a peak load that can be realistically achieved during a fall.”

Our first priority is always the safety of our climbing and mountaineering colleagues and customers, therefore we have taken the decision to recall the Rocks with the identified batch codes.

Wild Country apologises for the inconvenience this may cause, and thanks you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover as many of the affected Rocks as possible."

Again, the link for the recall notice and further info is here.


Previous Comments

I sent in my recalled rocks, nearly an entire set of the 3 sets I bought, and haven't received replacements yet. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Brad Richards - 05/11/2014 1:14:00

everybody needs to relax all they have asked for is 'Classic Rocks and Anodized Rocks that were purchased in January 2010 onward'. I bet they failed well above any force we would fall on them

simon - 10/20/2013 6:55:29

Thanks wild country you've saved my ass in the past And I know you will in the future.

Kevin - 10/17/2013 8:16:19

Are any of the offsets getting recalled? Wallnuts? Peenuts?

neilio - 10/12/2013 12:03:24

does anyone knows if this recall is relevent for older W.C nuts models ?

Bono - 10/10/2013 11:29:20

These Wild Country Rocks are manufactured in China.

Chapped - 10/10/2013 5:07:07

Ironic how other gear that's made in China (by Wild Country and other brands) don't get recalled as often as Wild Country's products that are manufactured in the UK...

Brian - 10/09/2013 8:27:39

looks like I have to return all my cams, biners, nuts and every other pc of gear to be safe.

clink number 2 - 10/08/2013 6:57:18

You can't f-up with climbing gear. Not once, not ever.

clink - 10/07/2013 7:16:02