Climbing The Gunks

New Yorks' Shwangunks are the cliffs where the boundaries of modern American rock climbing were pushed for half a century. Yet they are still one of the best places in the country for beginners and intermediate climbers to do classic routes. Whether you're an expert or a newbie, you'll find amazine routes to climb at the Gunks.
  • Lynn-Hill-Outer-Space-Bastille

    Numbers Game: Master the classic sandbags at four historic crags

    Not all sandbagging comes in the form of a cruel joke from your friends. Some of it was born from an era where the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) topped out at 5.9—once believed to be the limit of climbing abilities. In the 1960s, many hard routes were given a 5.9+ rating even when moves soared well beyond that pay bracket. (An extreme example is Boulder Canyon’s The Umph Slot, which was originally rated 5.8+ in 1965. Consensus today says 5.10+!) Some routes are notorious and bear a reputation that precedes them, while others lay quietly in wait to shut down an unsuspecting punter.

  • Peewee-Home-on-the-Range-Vedauwoo

    Road Trip! Insider Tips, Crag Beta, and Photographic Inspiration for the Best Trip Ever

    What do we love more than climbing? Road trips to climbing areas! Here, we've covered more than 40 crags and peaks across the United States, with dozens of routes recommended by locals, kick ass rest day activities, the lowdown on the best grub and pubs, and more!

  • Gunk-Show

    Gunk Show

    When my wife was offered work as a dancer and choreographer in New York City, I balked. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and most of my life has been spent rock climbing in the West, enjoying wide-open spaces and amazing geological landscapes from Canada to Mexico, and everywhere in between–what could the City That Never Sleeps offer to me?

  • Sleep Easy: America's Best Climber Campgrounds

    Sleep Easy: America's Best Climber Campgrounds

    When it comes to camping, many climbers prefer a no-frills, quasi-wilderness experience, while others like their creature comforts. Whether you see sleeping under the stars as the best part of a climbing trip or a necessary evil, we've got you covered. We sifted through guidebooks, called park rangers, and solicited climbers to identify 10 (in no particular order) of the U.S. best drive-up climber campsites.

  • Thirty Pitches of 5.10 in a Day at the Gunks

    After climbing ten 10’s in about 4.5 hours in June, 2008, Rufus Lusk and I thought we should up the ante a bit. Twenty 10’s, perhaps, eleven 11’s, eek, thirty 10’s. YES! As training to climb the Nose in a day, we thought that climbing thirty 5.10’s in a day would be a relatively close approximation of the amount of effort we’d have to put forth.

  • High Exposure - 5.6 Shawangunks, New York

    Getting to High Exposure is not an easy thing. Sure, the 20-minute stroll along the Gunks' tree-lined Carriage Road is mellow: perfectly flat with views of the Hudson River Valley to your right, and the delicious Trapps cliffline on your left.