Climbing Indian Creek

Indian Creek's thousands of sandstone cracks have made it the most famous crack climbing area in the world. If you want to be a better crack climber, there's no better place to practice than these gorgeous crags in the southeastern Utah desert. In these pages, you'll find stories, photos, and video to get you going.
  • Perfect Substitutes: Ditch the crowds with one of these under-the-radar climbs

    What do you do when you hike to a classic route and find a line six climbers deep? No one is better prepared to answer this question than professional climbing guides, whose job is to salvage the day when a client’s dream route is occupied or out of condition. We asked guides around the country for their favorite “second-best” routes—alternatives to classic climbs that are close by, similar in grade and style, and every bit as good.

  • Peewee-Home-on-the-Range-Vedauwoo

    Road Trip! Insider Tips, Crag Beta, and Photographic Inspiration for the Best Trip Ever

    What do we love more than climbing? Road trips to climbing areas! Here, we've covered more than 40 crags and peaks across the United States, with dozens of routes recommended by locals, kick ass rest day activities, the lowdown on the best grub and pubs, and more!

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    Nutty Climbing

    Before spring-loaded camming devices came along, climbers’ racks consisted of stoppers, hexes, and slings. The following nine routes were originally climbed only on passive pro; many are still doable in this style (some only if you’re bold). Enjoy a taste of what leading was like in the Golden Age of clean climbing.

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    True Grit

    It’s easy to get down on winter. The fourth season brings short, cold, and damp days, which drives rock climbers to the gym. But here’s the good part: All those laps you ticked and workouts you completed should have you in the best shape of the year—just in time for snowmelt. Test yourself at one of these go-before-you-die areas famous for the endurance their routes require.

  • Josh Morris hangs comfortably on Incredible Hand Crack. Photo by Dan Morris/

    Constriction Concentration

    Take a look at some of the best hand-sized crack climbs across the country, from Nevada to West Virginia.

  • Sleep Easy: America's Best Climber Campgrounds

    Sleep Easy: America's Best Climber Campgrounds

    When it comes to camping, many climbers prefer a no-frills, quasi-wilderness experience, while others like their creature comforts. Whether you see sleeping under the stars as the best part of a climbing trip or a necessary evil, we've got you covered. We sifted through guidebooks, called park rangers, and solicited climbers to identify 10 (in no particular order) of the U.S. best drive-up climber campsites.

  • A tale of eight towers

    A tale of eight towers

    Desert towers require a unique climbing style. Some call it choss-wrangling, but I prefer to think of it as choss-ballet.

  • Scarface (5.11b), Indian Creek, Utah

    Certain climbs just beg for the hero shot: the crazy stem box of El Matador at Devils Tower, for example, or the overhanging headwall of High Exposure at the Gunks, or the wildly exposed sport climbs of Yosemite's Killer Pillar. Nearly every climber who does one of these routes eventually posts the proof at Facebook or Flickr.