Jon Glassberg, Emile Del Toro, and Pavel Isaev visit Triangular Lake, one of Russia's top bouldering spots. Climbs include: Oh, Bratan (V10), Suomen Ragazze (V9), Redrum (V10/V11), Night Flight (V10), and Helicopter (V9). Watch Glassberg claim the first ascent of Made in America (V10) and Dobre Noch (V11).


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Hi Alex, Clearly Americans have not seen enough Moscow. Nor do they know enough about soviet history-the opening shots are from St. Petersburg, not Moscow.

Corey - 09/26/2013 12:55:07

btw, nice video and good climbing LT11! *they flew into Moscow (previous post edit)

Kris - 09/24/2013 4:12:23

In mother russia, boulder climb you!

Vladamir - 09/24/2013 4:05:18

wow Alex, the flew into Moscow, got some nice shots of the city and went bouldering. Take it easy.

Kris - 09/24/2013 4:03:26

Its amusing that they show the Kremlin in the beginning and then go climbing in the north on the border of Finland. That's like someone making a video about coming to America to climb in Yosemite and starting it out with shots of the white house and the military cemetery in Alexandria. I know, I know, you want to show it to introduce Russia but c'mon! Americans of all people have seen enough of Moscow and know all about soviet history. Be more fucking creative! even if its the same old climbing shit

Alex - 09/24/2013 1:01:21