Alex Honnold makes a commercial for Goal Zero, free soloing Fine Jade (5.11) on the Rectory in Castle Valley, Utah, near Moab. This is his second commercial video (his first was the Citibank ad on top of Ancient Art in the Fisher Towers).


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I sport climb, sometimes I solo its not about exposure its about feeling good on the rock. You don't need to see whats below just a dude that's relaxed with his environment. Drunken climber

Drunken climber - 06/11/2013 10:40:40

Wow, next time I climb Castleton, I'm camping at the saddle! Haha, favorite part of the video by far.

Chris - 06/03/2013 9:14:06

@slcclimber. Sir/Madam you are talking total hogwash. Who cares if its safe. Or not. Who cares what the sport 'needs'. It needs what it gets. Who cares if it teaches kids anything at all. The sport doesn't need to be grown. It simply is. You miss the point entirely. Solo'ing is the pure essence of climbing and it has its obvious inherent risks which are accepted by those who partake. This subject has been talked at length on a myriad of blogs and forums and it won't change anything. People will do what they like to do.

EddieS - 06/03/2013 5:00:19

How do you think he got down? He wasn't carrying a harness, and it is not so easy getting off the Rectory?

George Bell - 06/03/2013 3:13:26

I think there is a reason why Alex freesolos cracks: they don't often flake off. I think Alex will live a long and healthy life and die of old age. He solos for the right reasons. He doesn't do it to impress, he does it to climb.

DonF - 06/03/2013 12:48:30

Everyone who is telling Alex to stop needs to shut up. Whatever you do in your life is up to you. Obviously his family would be sad, but they have obviously had that conversation before and they would at least know that he died doing what he loved, not decomposing in some retirement home staring blankly at the wall. But that's the american dream right!? If this is what makes him happy and fulfilled. Then let him be. You don't think that he knows he can die? It won't be "good for the sport?" Why is that? Alex, keep doing what you have to do. You are an inspiration.

Duncan - 06/02/2013 4:22:30

I love to watch the beauty of his climbs but they would be just as beautiful with protection. I want to see you climb many years, you can't ever be as safe this way. We love you Alex.

Cindy - 06/02/2013 12:23:52

Let's face reality here... Alex as good as he is (and he's done some incredible things in the sport) will die climbing... he can't control the environment and eventually will fall and DIE.... it's not good for the sport... it's not good for his family and it does a huge disservice to teach kids and others that free soloing is in any way safe or to be done by serious climbers. Safety is the name of the game in sport climbing... and we grow this sport by teaching others how to be safe and how to climb safely...

slcclimber - 06/01/2013 7:18:52

I think that's actually just Jim Halpert from the office.

Chris - 06/01/2013 10:18:17

@anotherclimber - all they need to do is watch this beautiful, but GRIPPING tale of a John Long and John Bachar free solo epic -

AJShep - 05/31/2013 10:08:08

I agree with Josh.

Jess G - 05/31/2013 9:29:03

Nice touch at the end, calling his mom. She's given some memorabilia to his hometown gym (Sacramento Pipeworks) and I know they're close.

RyanS - 05/31/2013 6:16:34

Horribly shot video... not one shot in it does justice to the exposure and danger of the climber. For example, in the shot at around :30, why would you show the climber at the bottom of the shot with all the rock above him? What about the exposure below him. The rest of the shots are completely boring closeups. Dumb. Just dumb.

Josh - 05/31/2013 5:58:19

Great commercial, super cool, but couldnt this push inexperienced climbers to take unnecessary risks?

anotherclimber - 05/31/2013 5:26:16

somebody left the gate open

Craig Sender - 05/31/2013 10:53:58

Good for Alex, he deserves it. I hope he finds a sweet chick and settles down a bit, I want one of my hero's to live on..

Larry Bruce - 05/30/2013 4:34:18