Beth Rodden established herself as one of the world's best climbers: She was the youngest woman to climb 5.14 (To Bolt or Not to Be in Smith Rock, Oregon) in 1998; made the first free ascent of Lurking Fear (5.13c) on El Capitan in 2000 with then-husband Tommy Caldwell; and established Meltdown (5.14c), considered Yosemite's hardest climb, and one of the hardest traditional climbs in the U.S. In 2009, Rodden tore the labrum in her right shoulder; it led to other injuries, and she opted for surgery, which forced her to take a lot of time off from climbing to recover. Watch her story of recovery here.


Previous Comments

Great Beth!!! we are happy to haw you back!!! I got drop to the graund 11 years ago, I broque 3 lumbars my wristh in several places, I take my 5 month just to walk again. But my knee was the worst, I keep fighting for 9 years to recover and now I am prety much recover why? beacouse I love the outdoors, years had past by and now I have a beautifull family and I don`t have the time I had beafore, had to work a lot more, spend time with my family and then climbing. I was never gifted, but now I am more motivated than ever to squeese climbing when I can even I can no`t do some of the routes I did beafore. I think Beth prety soon will find a new project and will suprise as. Way to go Beth, recover from all this problems it is the hardest route of life.

andres - 05/04/2013 7:18:15

I tore my labrum as well, had a full recovery and then discovered climbing, probably the last sport that one would think of trying. Injuries come and go, love and passion for the sport can go on for ever, thank you for reminding us that.

George Cyprus - 05/03/2013 4:41:13

I tore my labrum climbing and made a complete recovery. Keep fighting to get back there. You represent the best climbing has to offer.

Joe - 05/01/2013 10:16:57

Glad you're back! You are an inspiration!

Emmy - 04/27/2013 9:59:33