Canyoneering in Zion National Park becomes dangerous when four canyoneers are caught in a massive flash flood, pinning them under a 300-foot waterfall in Behunin Canyon, Utah.


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I have to agree these comments are ridiculous, the comments I read now on almost any video or what not there is some dick head passing judgment on another climber.

taylor - 09/20/2013 9:18:39

I don't understand why everyone is so judgmental on comments these days. I have noticed the same trend on climbingnarc and rockandice. Why do you guys resort to name calling. The climbing community is letting me down. Way out of line.

Ryan - 09/17/2013 6:45:12

That's not how Mormons pray and I'm pretty sure most of them don't say "lets go grab a beer"

Dlasley - 09/12/2013 9:13:22

Not Mormons, A: Mormons don't pray in that manner and B: they wouldn't say let's go back and get a beer...Mormons don't drink. Way to be bigots though and almost as dumb as these fools.

ZionGuide - 09/12/2013 12:04:36

contrived if you ask me

Dave - 09/11/2013 11:03:40

These Mormon in-breeders sure got lucky.

Warren Jeffs - 09/10/2013 9:40:38

This actually isn't in Behunin Canyon. They have completed the last rappel and are completely out of the canyon and just a couple minutes of off-trail hiking from the main trail. Unfortunately, they are still right under the pour-off though and are pinned there.

Bill Wright - 09/10/2013 12:37:30

idiots!....Nice Chacos, and no Helmets...Save the canyoneering for people who know what they're doing, are correctly equipped or guides! There is a reason why permits are not issued with almost any chance of rain. Which leads to the next question, Did ya have a permit? If your trying to be like everybody else from Northern Utah, go jump off an arch with a rope that's too long.

gaar - 09/10/2013 11:11:34

LOL at BYU comment, but damn, give em a break, they almost died. Weather forecasts can be wrong. I prayed hard to Jesus when I was benighted on a route in RMNP without the right gear. I would have there, too, you betcha.

Markymark - 09/09/2013 9:27:00

Most def from BYU, and dumber than the 1 ton of rocks that went over their heads.

theREALangry - 09/09/2013 8:51:51

Should've asked Jesus for a weather forecast...fools.

Tanner - 09/09/2013 7:30:07

These guys are ridiculously stupid.

April - 09/09/2013 5:10:08

Does the Jesus Hedge of protection block magic missle?

Jason - 09/09/2013 4:56:15

It seems like they planned/were expecting this.

Steven - 09/09/2013 4:54:25