Cedar Wright and Kate Rutherford teamed up this summer for a trip up to the impressive Diamond on Longs Peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. Above 14,000 feet, the Diamond is home to some of the best (and hardest) alpine granite routes in the U.S., including the striking Ariana (5.12a). Below is a video by John Dickey that captures the splitter climbing, gorgeous alpine scenery, and changing weather conditions that encompass a day on the Diamond.

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Great video! However, the Diamond isn't above 14,000 feet. Long's summit is 14,259 feet, and the Diamond starts at about 13,000 and ends at about 14,000. I love that wall a lot. I've had some great and not-so-great times on it.

Tony T. - 10/31/2012 10:12:45