V15 boulderer Chris Webb Parsons details a 12-week hangboard training program designed to strengthen your fingers.


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Thx for the sharing Chris! Anyway does the efficacy of the training get compromised if I climb after the session or the day after? Does it also compliment campus training and if so, how do we mix things about? Looking forward to hearing from u soon :-) Regards YCH

Choon Hian, Yam - 04/09/2013 6:24:11

Think you're spose to do it every day of the week? Also, does he move the rope to the other side for symmetry? 3 minutes seems a bit extreme for rest between each angle hang...

Chris Deulen - 04/05/2013 8:49:50

Seems to be a good training concept. But what about the rest 5 days of the week? Do you do some different climbing? Bouldering?

Weier Andreas - 03/19/2013 10:35:29