Thirteen-year-old Drew Ruana redpointed Scarface, the first 5.14a put up by an American, at Smith Rock, Oregon, on February 23, 2013; this is his fourth route of the grade. Here's the footage.


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I have to watch this on's terrible.

steve - 03/04/2013 8:27:35

Actually my favorite climbing video ever!! No breaks just climbing, great perspective and all around great sendage.

Dru - 03/04/2013 7:55:16

Awesome climb Drew! Totally impressed.

Jason - 03/04/2013 10:51:00

Great climbing dude, but that has to be the worst music in a climbing video ever and it's looped 3 times! Respect for the effort on the climb let's see a little effort on the post production.

Mike - 03/02/2013 11:41:26