Black Diamond athlete Mason Earle flashes Le Toit de Ben (5.13), a roof crack in Val David, Canada.

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Moral For me he didn't flash le toit de Ben,but it could be cool. My name is Jerome Homier and I consider I opened le toit de ben because the first one who was working on,he always responded by saying when we asked have you did it,his respond was I know what I wanted knowing. On that time le toit de Ben was a big challenge,during that period I flash some 5.13 I went in France for six month and flash over 100 7b and more than 60 7c I been really good for flashing. I spent few days to open le toit de Ben for a documentary for the tv,fall and try again is a complex one,BUT when I knew all the tricks, I did four time in a row, without falling. My point is not an ego trip, but Moral. I don't think we should consider flashing, when you look a video talking with people about the tricks, where to put your feet and hands and how to do it,because there is no end, maybe training inside with the same moves will be alright.for me flashing is doing some thing totally unknown,same in competition why not looking the other ones climbing before us. Jerome Homier.

Jerome Homier - 11/08/2013 9:02:20