REEL ROCK 8 has its world premiere September 19, 2013, in Boulder, Colorado! This year's movies include The Sensei, with Daniel Woods and Yuji Hirayama; High Tension, with Ueli Steck and the clashes on Mt. Everest; Spice Girl, with Hazel Findlay and Emily Harrington; and The Stonemasters. Visit to find a show near you.


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EB is correct! good shot of it here - if you pause the clip at 2:07 this is what you are looking at... Ron and a guy named John Yablonski managed to free all but the final pitch in 77'.

cole - 09/12/2013 9:54:25

karl - last pitch of the rostrum (.12b) with a swami belt looks like no leg loops. I think it was on "That's Incredible" tv show. First time I've seen that since it first aired too.

eb - 09/12/2013 3:38:00

What's the footage of Ron Kauk leading and a big rock cuts loose? I swear this is what I saw on TV back in the late 70s that is the reason I've been climbing for 30 years now.It blew my mind when I was a kid in upstate NY and didn't know a thing about rock climbing. I've looked for this clip over the years but never been able to find it...anyone know where it's from?

Karl - 09/09/2013 5:13:20

Cant Wait! I love it every year you get us Arizona climbers ready for our season to start! Rock On! #CLimbPHX

shiloh dorsett - 09/05/2013 3:25:13