The clove hitch and figure eight on a bight are the two fundamental knots for tying into a climbing anchor. This video shows you how to tie and use these essential climbing knots.

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While I appreciate the intent and effort of these videos, they are not quite all there. Some of the wording is a bit confusing - one example is that she keeps referring to the clove hitch as "the knot". Its a hitch, not a knot. Besides the wrong verbiage (picky I know), you can't even really see how to orient the loops in the clove because her hand is in the way. The biggest mistake however is the part about "backing up a clove hitch with a figure 8". There is no reason or need to "back up" a clove hitch on a master point. Whats the point of building an anchor then if not to create a bombproof master point? If this "back up" is too short you could actually un-equalize your anchor and undermined your whole system. Buster Jesik, AMGA certified Rock Guide

Buster Jesik - 12/05/2012 9:34:21